Alcoholic salad

I like to make fruit salad especially in the cold season, because it is full of vitamins. I recently discovered that if I add a little sparkling wine it has a different flavor;)

  • 1 pineapple compote
  • March 1
  • 1 nectarine
  • 1 kiwi
  • 2 chucks
  • 100 ml of sparkling wine

Servings: 2

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes


Wash and clean the fruit, then cut the pieces - neither too big nor too small.

Canned pineapple has the advantage that it is sweeter than natural and no more sugar should be added to the fruit salad. Mix the fruit with the pineapple compote and the wine.

Leave for 30 minutes or an hour for the alcohol to enter the fruit.

Very simple.

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Nectarine can be replaced with banana, and kiwi with grapes or strawberries.


You can also add raisins, hazelnuts or walnuts.

Alcoholic salad - Recipes

Diabetes diet. Some essential diet tips for diabetics. The key word is moderation rather than restriction. New approaches to nutrition do not completely eliminate sugar, fruits and alcohol, but recommend them in moderation. It is one thing to aim for a healthy diet and it is another to put such a goal into practice, as it requires more than discipline - it requires clear thinking and specific actions.

With this in mind, here is a collection of tips and tricks that can help someone who is struggling to keep their diabetes under control.
Take regular meals, preferably in similar amounts each day. Keep the amounts as recommended by your dietitian or other doctor. Skipping meals will affect your blood glucose levels, and malnutrition can make you feel hungry and then eat less healthy foods.
Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. The benefits are important, and if you have problems with your body weight, these foods will help you saturate faster, with a low caloric intake.
Plan your meals whenever possible, because this way you will have the right foods at hand and you will keep your distance from the least healthy ones.
Limit the amount of fat, especially saturated fats (of animal origin), because they are one of the causes of heart disease. Choose monounsaturated fats, such as olive and rapeseed oil. By consuming less fat and fatty foods, you will also lose weight. Use less butter, margarine, cheese and fatty meat. Choose low-fat dairy products, such as skim milk and yogurt. Use low-fat cooking methods - baking, grilling, microwave cooking, steaming, laying, grilling and stir-fry.
Reduce sugar and sweets. This does not mean that the diet should not contain sugar. It can be used as an ingredient in a healthy diet, cooking and dessert recipes. But consume sugar-free or diet drinks - sweet ones cause a rapid rise in blood glucose levels.
Eat more fish, trying to choose from the oily ones (anchovies, herring, salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, etc.) once a week.
Opt for foods with a low glycemic index. For more fiber, choose starchy foods, such as potatoes (peeled), pasta and basmati rice, bread and whole grains.
Try to reach the optimal weight and keep it.
Resist your appetite. Know that the unpleasant sensation will pass. The longer you resist, the more it will fade. Think about how to prevent such a situation. For example, keep cut vegetables or fruits at hand - carrots, melons or strawberries. Sugar-free jellies, a glass of tomato juice, a cold, sugar-free drink, or a bowl of low-calorie soup can also be helpful.
Enhance natural tastes cooking with greens, garlic, hot peppers, lemon or lime, flavored vinegars, tomato paste, wine, hot pepper sauce, capers, olives, mustard, etc. These will help reduce the addition of salt to the table.
Drink alcohol in moderation - the recommendation for diabetics is 3 units of alcohol per day for men and 2 for women. For example, a small glass of wine or 250 ml of beer (normally alcoholic) is equivalent to one unit. Never drink on an empty stomach, as alcohol can trigger a bout of hypoglycemia.
About hypoglycemia in some types of diabetes
The medical term for low blood glucose is "hypoglycemia". In general, it occurs more frequently in those who are treated with insulin. It can be caused by skipping a meal or snack, sustained physical activity without eating before, injecting more insulin than needed, or a larger amount of alcohol on an empty stomach. Symptoms may vary, but the most common are dizziness, weakness, sweating, tremors and hunger.
A bout of hypoglycaemia can be calmed with a dextrose tablet, a glass of sugar water, or a sugar cube to quickly raise blood sugar, and after about half an hour, eat something more substantial (e.g. , a glass of milk and a slice of bread).

Roe salad

I always appreciated the caviar salad, but I haven't cooked it for years. I recently did a test, and the result surprised me very pleasantly. Instead of sunflower oil, I used a mixture of olive oil with coconut oil, as I usually do with mayonnaise. If you do not like the taste of olive oil, you can add avocado oil.

  • 90-100 g of caviar (I had carp)
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 50 ml coconut oil
  • 150 ml of olive oil
  • mineral water (40-50 ml)
  • 1 small onion or 2-3 sprigs of green onion, optional

In a beaked dish, prepare the oil mixture. If the coconut oil is solidified, melt it a little in the microwave or bain-marie.
The eggs are placed in a bowl and sprinkled with lemon juice. Using a mixer (mine is pear-shaped, but a classic one works), mix the eggs continuously, pouring oil gradually, little by little. In a few minutes, the composition will lighten in color and thicken quite a bit.

Gradually add mineral water, one tablespoon, mixing after each, until you get the desired consistency. I got about 40-50 ml. At the end, optionally, put finely chopped onions.

Caviar salad can be served immediately with any kind of low-carb bread, for example, with some excellent keto buns.

Keep cool. It lasts 3 days in the fridge.

TOTAL: 380 grams, 1779 calories, 22.8 protein, 189.5 fat, 3.6 carbohydrates, 0.4 fiber

Note: These calculations are approximate. If you follow a strict diet, I recommend you do your own calculations, starting from the concrete products used.

New cabbage salad with radishes, cucumbers and boiled eggs

New cabbage is cut into wedges, cucumbers and radishes, sticks. Finely chop the green onions, dill and boiled eggs. A yolk is set aside for decoration.
Mix all the components and season with salt and lemon juice. Drizzle the salad with yogurt and olive oil, or just with oil.

TOTAL: 810 grams, 815.8 calories, 38.3 protein, 64 lipids, 26.7 carbohydrates, 6.8 fiber
Source: http://calorii.oneden.com

Note: These calculations are approximate. If you follow a strict diet, I recommend you do your own calculations, starting from the concrete products used.

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Four absolutely delicious TUNA SALAD recipes

Tuna is a predatory fish, but it is consumed for the indisputable benefits of its meat as well as for its delicious taste. Fish is known for the amount of selenium it contains. Although the studies are not completed, it is assumed that this form of selenium could protect the human body from the negative effects of mercury. Here are four absolutely delicious TUNA SALAD recipes:

Tuna and rice salad

  • preserves tone
  • 2 sachets of pre-cooked rice
  • green onions
  • lemon
  • salt
  • pepper

Boil the rice according to the instructions on the package. Mix the tuna with the boiled rice, thinly sliced ​​onion, salt, pepper and plenty of lemon juice and serve after it has cooled.

Salad with arugula, tuna and beans

  • arugula
  • 200g arugula
  • 140g white canned beans
  • 170g tuna in canned oil
  • 130g sliced ​​red onion
  • 1/4 teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • 160g cherry tomatoes cut in half
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon finely chopped garlic
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 and 1/2 tablespoon olive oil
  • 3 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 60g parmesan cut into thin strips

In a bowl, mix the olive oil, lemon juice, mustard, salt, pepper and finely chopped garlic. In a large bowl, mix the tomatoes with the tuna, beans, onions and arugula. Add the vinaigrette prepared earlier and mix well. On top add them, at the end, strips of parmesan.

Pasta salad with tuna and fennel

  • 1 fennel bulb
  • 1 sliced ​​apple
  • 1 lemon
  • 200g canned tuna
  • 250g paste
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

Cook the pasta according to the instructions on the package in water without salt and oil. Drain them well and keep 100ml of the water in which they boiled. Rinse the pasta with cold water and drain.

Remove the tuna from the can and drain it, keeping 2 tablespoons of oil.

Grate the lemon peel and squeeze 3 tablespoons of juice. Mix them with the preserved oil.

Mix the prepared pasta with the oil and lemon in a large bowl, then add the tuna and sliced ​​apple.

Finely chop the fennel leaf tips and place in the bowl. Clean the fennel and slice it, then add it over the pasta.

Pour the preserved water from the pasta and half a teaspoon of salt and mix well. Serve the salad immediately.

Tuna salad with parsley, pomegranate and flavored sticks

  • 4 bundles of parsley
  • 1 pomegranate
  • 2 Lebanese sticks
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • 1 can of RIO Mare tuna in its own juice
  • 1 tablespoon pomegranate molasses
  • 1 handful of cherry tomatoes
  • 4 sprigs of mint
  • 2 tablespoons pine seeds
  • 3-4 tablespoons olive oil
  • the juice of half a lemon
  • salt and freshly ground pepper

Cut the glues into triangles and place them on a baking tray. Mix the cumin with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and grease the glues with the sauce thus obtained. Put the glue in the hot oven at 200 ° C for 10 minutes or until browned and crispy.

While they are in the oven, prepare the rest of the ingredients. Heat a frying pan and brown the pine nuts a little. Clean the pomegranate, wash and pick the parsley leaves, then finely chop them. Do the same with the mint leaves. Cut the cherry tomatoes into cubes. Drain canned tuna.

Put all the ingredients in a large bowl. Mix using a fork. Serve the salad with the flavored sticks.

What we need for the homemade cherry recipe:

I give the quantities for 1 kg of fruit, to make it easier to calculate.

  • 1 kg of fruit
  • 400 g sugar or honey
  • 200 ml double refined alcohol of 90 degrees

The fruits are chosen from the leaves and tails, washed and drained well.

Put in a glass jar or glass jar and alternate layers of fruit and sugar or honey.

It is good that the dough is full to about 3/4 of the capacity, so you can shake the fruit with sugar.

It is tied to the mouth with gauze, so that the syrup can breathe, but the insects cannot enter. Leave it warm, but not in the sun.

Stir daily, 2-3 times a day, to dissolve the sugar. Depending on how much syrup leaves the fruit, the duration of the sugar melting also depends. It lasts about 8-10 days.

If you use bee honey or brown sugar, the final color will be darker.

How to make cherries?

When the sugar is completely melted, add 200-300 ml of double refined alcohol, 90 degrees.

The alcohol can be put over the fruit and syrup, as they are, or the syrup can be drained and the alcohol can be put only over the syrup. As you wish, both options are correct.

If alcohol is added to the fruit, the cherries will be less alcoholic, because the fruits will absorb some of the alcohol, but will have a more special aroma.

Remember that these are quantities for 1 kg of fruit. Depending on how many kg of fruit you use, increase the amount of sugar and alcohol. & # 128578


It is extremely important to use refined double alcohol, because it will keep you better cherry. After soaking, add tuica & # 128578

The fruits can be used for various cakes, homemade candies & hellip & # 128578 Close the bottles tightly and put them in the pantry in the dark.

Leave to soak for 2-3 months. It can be used after a week if the appetite is high, but the good taste, really, is when the syrup gnaws (soaks) well.

After this time, it is diluted with brandy, brandy, vodka, each according to your pocket and needs.

Visinata of house

If you want to keep the vivid color of the fruit, add the juice of a lemon in the carafe, along with the fruits & # 128578 Cherry will have a splendid color. It will not affect the taste, on the contrary, it will give it an extra touch of flavor.

For walnut & ndash green walnut liqueur, the walnuts are cut into 4 (quarters) and put in the glass. Be careful to wear gloves. The liqueur will have a brownish-green color. God, how good it is !!

Flower liqueur (roses, bat, poppies, dandelion, jasmine, lime, shock, acacia etc.) do the same, but first rub the flowers well (carefully selected leaves and insects, washed and drained), with lemon juice & ndash To 200 g of flowers add the juice of 2 lemons and 300-400 g old. Ideally, the flower liqueur should be made with bee honey, it comes out much finer.

In general, the strength of cherries should be around 30-40 degrees, maximum. It is still a homemade liqueur, it does not have to be extremely strong, but neither does the clear water.

It keeps very well in the pantry, in the dark.

Some tips for serving:

  • It can be served in glasses with a mouth glazed with caster sugar: put a bowl of water and a saucer of caster sugar on the table. Soak your mouth in each glass in water, then in caster sugar. Pour the cherries lightly, being careful not to touch the edge with sugar.
  • You can garnish the glasses with lemon slices or other fruits. It's interesting to drink limoncello and have a cherry or a raspberry inside, isn't it?
  • The cherry can be put cold before serving, it will have a much finer taste.
  • Cherry is served as such or various cocktails can be prepared.
  • It is also wonderful for various sweets, it can be used as a flavor or for light syrup various cakes.

I have many types of liqueurs like this in the house, I like to make them, to see the beautifully colored bottles on the table, when I have guests. My husband doesn't drink hard, children and I taste once a month, maybe.

When I say taste, I mean I drink about 30-40 ml, extremely little. But the guests adore me.

And when we are invited to dinner, here in Italy, everyone brings attention, usually something sweet, a bottle of wine. I go with something sweet, prepared by me and a bottle of cherries. I recommend you to try the cherry compote recipe, but also the cherry jam recipe.

That's what the bar at dinner looks like to me & # 128578. I have bottles of liquor of many kinds. & # 128578

  1. Wash the apples well and cut them into quarters, without removing the peel or seeds. Then, in a large pot, put the fruits, sugar and add water over them so that you cover them.
  2. Put all the spices in a piece of gauze and tie it at the end, thus obtaining a bag. It must sit in the pot, along with the fruit, to give them a special flavor. Boil the mixture obtained for one hour over high heat, without covering the pot, then reduce the intensity of the flame and leave everything for another two hours on low heat, this time putting the lid on.
  3. When the time is up, take out the fruits and pass them until you get a puree. When it has cooled completely, strain it using a classic strainer over which you put a layer of gauze. The latter has the role of retaining as much pulp as possible. To separate it as well as possible from the liquid side, squeeze the piece of gauze until no drops of liquid come out.
  4. The latter can be kept in airtight bottles, refrigerated, for two weeks. It can be served cold or heated, depending on the season and preferences.

Apple cider is a healthy and aromatic drink that can be enjoyed by all family members. In addition, your guests will definitely be delighted when they taste the amber liqueur!

Refined - a typical Romanian drink

Necessary ingredients:

  • 350 gr of blueberries
  • 175 grams of sugar
  • 400 ml of food alcohol or vodka of the highest quality.

Preparation method:

  1. You have to wash the fruits very well and drain them of water
  2. Take a glass jar, such as the one for donuts, and put the blueberries in it, adding sugar on top. Leave the mix in the sun, whether it is a place on the balcony or on the window, for at least 3 days, so that the blueberries ferment.
  3. It is recommended to mix in it several times a day, so that the sugar crystals melt completely. When the time has passed, add the alcohol to the jar and this time put the jar in the pantry or in another room where it is cool and does not get too much light. The mixture must be soaked for at least 2 weeks for the result to be the desired one.
  4. At the end, strain the drink using a few layers of gauze and a thick strainer, so that you get the alcoholic and aromatic liqueur. You can also keep the fruits, these being a reliable ingredient in the preparation of various cakes.

As you can see, tuning recipe it's simple, and if you dare to prepare it, you will surely pleasantly surprise all your guests.

Desserts for the table by Saint George

Dark chocolate cake

Feel like a chocolate cake? Make a dark chocolate cake. It is very tasty and easy to prepare. In addition, it has an attractive appearance, so it is suitable for a dessert to prepare for your guests or for a family meal.

Coconut pie

Coconut pie is an exotic dessert with which you will highlight your culinary skills in front of everyone. We present you the original recipe, but the dough can be replaced with commercial French dough sheets.


Negresa is a delicious dessert that can be served as such or for coffee. The cake can be prepared both traditionally and with walnuts or berries.

Poultry milk

Poultry milk is a creamy and delicious dessert. The aroma of vanilla and egg whites boiled in milk will make you eat at least a portion.

Cocktail with vodka simple recipes

Cocktails are the most popular drinks in clubs, bars, terraces or restaurants and manage to reconcile all tastes. The mix of flavors and interesting combinations of alcoholic beverages, juices, syrups or spices have made mixology a real art. But you don't need to take specialized courses to prepare some quick cocktails at. Vodka with redbulom in certain proportions and causes of energy fixation. But with this cocktail you have to be very careful, because it creates a greater burden on the heart. Drinking more than two glasses in the evening is harmful. 3. perestroika restructuring. Ingredients: vodka - 30 ml white rum - 30 ml cranberry juice - 90 ml Vodka - one of the most common and traditional options of alcoholic beverages. Many drink it in pure form or used to prepare tasty drinks. alcoholic cocktails with vodka - the drink without which he rarely manages part of the youth organized at home or in a nightclub

Homemade vodka cocktails - top 10 recipes - Articles

  1. Cocktails are served with pleasure anywhere and anytime, being in .Pina Colada To make this cocktail you need 5 cl of fresh rum. Marguerita To prepare this cocktail you need 4 cl tequilla. Then prepare the cocktail glass as follows: Hold with a lemon mouth. Cosmopolitan To prepare this cocktail you need 4-5 cl of vodka, 3 cl ..
  2. Cocktail recipe. 172 recipes. COFFEE COCKTAIL LOVE SMOOTHIES by cristeena20 6. Mojito. 15 14 0. de dantes 5. Irish coffee. 18 15 0. by Catalina L 7. Cocktail Demi-peche. 12 8 0. by Veronica22 3. Cocktail Spring Dream. Coffee Cocktail with Orange Liqueur. 16 8 0. by Adi_Caradeanu 1. Cocktail with raspberries and gin. 15 11 1. de.
  3. Whenever you want to try new and easy recipes for drinks and cocktails, these articles are at your disposal with step by step instructions. Examples of such recipes: tonic gin with watermelon, lemonades of different types, mulled wine with flavors, Cosmopolitan winter cocktail, smoothies, compotes, pears of pears or other fruits, cocktail.
  4. A cocktail that is prepared simply and with few ingredients. Ingredients 35 ml vodka 15 ml coffee liqueur Preparation: 1 Prepare a glass and ice. 2 Pour into the classic glass of ice vodka and coffee liqueur, then mix well
  5. Classic cocktail glass - has the shape of a triangular vessel with a long stem, 115-350 ml Punch bowl - a hemispherical bowl, from which you will pour the drink into glasses, 5-20 liters Hurricane glass - a tall glass that received name after the shape of a storm lantern, used mainly for Pina Colada without alcohol, 450 ml
  6. The most popular recipes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails Cocktail with pomegranate and vodka Cocktail with watermelon Cocktail with rhubarb. Ginger Peach is a super invigorating non-alcoholic cocktail. DqeFz And if you have questions or other recipes. TV chef Seasonal aromatic drinks and cocktails - Recipes by
  7. 37 1/2 ml Citrus Vodka 12 1/2 ml Triple Dry 30 ml Cranberry juice, 1/2 squeezed lemon, 12 1/2 ml Sugar Syrup Cosmopolitan Cocktail Recipe. Cool cups with a glass of water. Add all the ingredients by mixing tin with ice. Shake for 10 to 15 seconds. Strain finely into the cooled cup

Christmas vodka cocktail, prepare a festive cocktail of passion fruit, vodka, blueberry juice and ice. The preparation is a rather strong alcoholic beverage, with an irresistible color. The cocktail is made immediately and needs only five ingredients Drinks # vodka # apples # cocktail # drinks # mojito # mint # mojito recipes Mojito cocktail with apples Mojito cocktail with apples The Mojito cocktail with apples is a variant of the famous refreshing cocktail. You can prepare this drink quickly, in less than 5 minutes. Instead of using lemon or lime juice, you should put apple juice in this preparation 2. Nevada Cocktail. Preparation time: 3 minutes You will need five ingredients to prepare this drink, but since you have to have a bottle of appetizer and some sugar in the kitchen cupboard in the bar, these are no longer taken into account.

Cocktails are served with pleasure anywhere and anytime, being in .Pina Colada To make this cocktail you need 5 cl of fresh rum. Marguerita To prepare this cocktail you need 4 cl tequilla. Then prepare the cocktail glass as follows: Hold the lemon with your mouth. Cosmopolitan To prepare this cocktail you need 4-5 cl of vodka. I confirm that I am over 16 years old and I agree that DivaHair.ro will collect my name and surname, email address, year of birth and county, in order to receive newsletters and promotional e-mails. I want to subscribe to the divahai newsletter. Add sugar and mint and grind lightly with a muddler without streaks. Add ¼ glass of crushed ice and 15 ml of Bourbon. Mix with a teaspoon, then repeat the process 4 times. Garnish with plenty of crushed ice and a mint sprout. For a proper tasting, it is preferable that the glass be cooled beforehand. Use 20 ml of vodka, 15 ml cocoa cream liqueur, 15 ml Amaretto, 20 ml Triple Sec, 30 ml liquid cream. Put Amaretto in the glass, then fill with crushed ice. Fill shaker 2 & # 923 with ice, add the rest of the ingredients and shake vigorously for 10 sec. , Then pour into the glass with crushed ice and Amaretto. SCREWDRIVE The most popular and popular non-alcoholic cocktail recipes. Whether you want to caress your taste buds with some new flavors, or you organize a party and you want to impress your guests, non-alcoholic cocktails are definitely drinks you can't go wrong with.

Alcoholic vodka cocktails at home: recipes

Discover drinks with coffee, only good to be served hot or with ice, to taste! JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website The simplest recipes with cheese balls (144 visits) A delicacy! How to integrate wild salmon in your daily recipes (0 comments) How to prepare the best chickpea hummus (0 comments) How to prepare the simplest and most delicious Moroccan pancakes (0 comments) The simplest recipes with cheese balls (0 comments

This drink is one that made history in the '70s and' 80s, but returned to fashion in the 2000s, under the name of Cola with rum. As the name suggests, it is a cocktail native to Cuba and is preferably drunk on sunny days. That's why you need to know how to prepare the best tequila cocktails! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website

Cocktail with vodka, basil and cucumber. A classic cocktail with natural ingredients, which can be easily prepared at home. The aroma of basil and cucumber along with lemon juice and vodka make this cocktail a perfect cool drink for summer evenings. Special occasions require special preparations, so we have prepared 3 recipes for festive cocktails, ideal for a New Year's Eve party. unforgettable! Sparkling ginger cocktail (8 servings) Ingredients: 2 teaspoons freshly grated ginger, stevia extract for sweetening and a bottle (750 ml) of sparkling wine such as Prosecco or Cava

Twenty Simple Cocktails: Cocktail Fiesta. A Fiesta Cocktail recipe from: triple dry bowls, banana liqueur, champagne, orange. Ingredients: 4 cl Bols Triple Sec 1 cl banana liqueur 10 cl champagne a slice of orange Preparation: Pour the liqueurs into a large glass of champagne, add ice cubes, then top with champagne or champagne Shrimp cocktail recipe is a very simple and delicious one, perfect for any festive occasion. It is a tasty and elegant appetizer, which will satisfy even the most demanding taste buds. Fresh shrimp are ideal, but if you don't find them so easy, you can also use pre-cooked, frozen ones.

Vodka cocktail - Recipes-Tasty

  • recipes of Cocktails simple (2015) In cocktail of chefs April 22 cocktail punch recipes rom tumbler vodka whiskey. Other recipes: Cocktailweekends. April 22, 2015. Recipe of the day: Cocktail Sambuca. April 22, 2015. Recipe of the day: Cocktailwith mint flavor and passion fruit. April 22, 2015. Recipe of the day: Cocktailwith brandy and strawberries.
  • True cocktails contain two or more drinks, one of which must be distilled - gin, vodka, tequila, rum, whiskey. In addition, a cocktail can contain liqueur, fruit juice, sauces, milk, spices
  • You already have a tasty and fragrant cocktail with lots of ice and lemon peel decoration. Phil Collins is the name of another vodka cocktail. This time you would need a cucumber-flavored vodka, but if you don't have that on hand, you can crush a piece of fresh cucumber into the final mixture.
  • Vodka cocktails: Recipe of the day: Vodka and strawberry cocktail Vodka and strawberry cocktail from: vodka, strawberries. You may also be interested in Cocktail with tequila and grapefruit Ingredients: 750 ml vodka 575g strawberries Preparation: Rinse the strawberries and put them in a glass container with a lid

Cocktail Recipes - Chefs

Because we are still on the weekend, it is worth indulging in a good strawberry cocktail, while they are still in season. We chose caipiroska with strawberries, a delicious cocktail, perfect for festive meals, an evening with friends or whenever you want a moment of relaxation. [ingredients title = Ingredients] for a cocktail 2 strawberries 1 slice of lime 1 teaspoon brown sugar [How nice it is to invite your friends to you and impress them with delicious cocktails! COSMO offers you some simple recipes! I See Red Cool a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine and buy a small strawberry casserole. Break the stalk, cut the fruit in half and place in a bowl. Also pour [vodka cocktail recipes: search results for vodka cocktail recipes. Bucataras.ro: cocktail recipes with vodka

Drinks and cocktails recipes Delicious drinks with

Homemade cocktails! It can't be simpler! There are many variations of apple and martini cocktails. Some use apple puree, others use apple schnapps or Calvados (apple brandy). This recipe is made from apple schnapps that give the drink a sweet taste and depending on what brandy you use will determine the color of the cocktail Cocktail Mojito July 17, 2011 Food Recipes 1 You invited your friends to a party or you -Did you invite your girlfriend to a party for two? nothing is more appropriate than a Mojito Cocktail Recipes from the Cocktails category. Cookbook - Cocktails. Step by step recipes Cocktails. Recipes in images from the Cocktails category

Famous cocktails: The most popular 20 cocktails

  • Non-alcoholic cocktail recipes: sweet dreams cocktail, green apple cocktail, vanilla peach cocktail, mint punch or banana or strawberry milkshake
  • Try Raspberry and Vodka Cocktail, made by Carmen Grebenisan If you liked our Cocktail Margarita recipe, don't forget to review it. See also other recipes from the Cocktail category
  • Gin and Beer Cocktail Ingredients 1 fl The second type of cocktail is made from vodka, Chambord (black rasberry liqueur), Midori Melon liqueur, pineapple juice and cranberry juice (cranberries) and is listed in Boston Official Bartender's Guide. The latest recipes
  • Chrissy Teigen has already made several recipes famous, including her famous banana cake version. Chrissy Teigen's penile cocktail recipe You will need the following ingredients (for 4 servings): 60 ml lemon or lime juice, freshly squeezed Spicy pasta recipe with vodka and tomato sauce a. Most popular
  • Buy Shaker conical cocktail HENDI | Price: 25.99 lei See here more offers for glasses and bar accessories. Whiskey cocktail recipes. Here are some whiskey cocktail recipes, recommended by The Spruce, that you can try for your friends. 1. Manhatta Cocktail
  • Twenty Simple Cocktails :. Cocktail Fiesta. O reteta de Cocktail Fiesta din: bols triple sec, lichior de banane, sampanie, portocala. Ingrediente: 4 cl Bols Triple Sec 1 cl lichior de banane 10 cl sampanie o felie de portocala Mod de preparare: Turnam lichiorurile intr-un pahar mare de sampanie, adaugam cuburi de gheata, apoi completam cu sampanie sau champagne
  • Asadar in paharul cu gheata se pun 45ml de vodka (3 linguri daca nu aveti alt instrument de masura), si se completeaza cu cca 100ml suc de merisor. Paharul se decoreaza cu o felie de lime, si daca vreti puteti sa mai stoarceti si putina zeama de lime in cocktail, insa aveti grija ca sucul de merisor este deja acrisor

Blog - 24 rețete de cocktailuri fără alcool ușor de

Retete cocktail - Sex on the beach. Pentru un cocktail Sex on the Beach iti trebuie aceste ingrediente: 20 ml schnapps de piersici, 40ml vodka, 40ml suc de merisoare, 40ml suc de portocale. Mod de preparare: Amesteca toate ingredientele intr-un shaker cu gheata, apoi toarna continutul intr-un pahar umplut cu gheata Într-o farfurie cu tagliatelle cu sos de roşii încape tot ce are mai simplu şi mai gustos bucătăria tradiţională italiană. E alegerea ideală pentru vegetarieni, pentru cei care ţin post, pentru cei grăbiţi şi mai ales pentru toţi cei care iubesc pastele Mojito Cocktail este o bautura cu alcool, de origini cubaneze, pe baza de suc de limeta si rom care a devenit populara la începutul anilor 80. Pentru ca fiecare barman are modul sau de preparare al acestor delicioase bauturi in care amesteca diverse ingrediente pentru a obtine un gust exceptional, este posibil ca aceasta reteta sa vi se para.

Cocktail-ul Vodka Martini este a versiune de Martini în care se folosește Vodka în loc de Gin, pentru a obține o băutură mai puțin aspră. Mie personal îmi place mai mult variantă de martini cu vodka, însă este doar preferința mea Alte retete. din Cocktailuri si lichioruri. Tort racoros de vara- cocktail cu fructe. Pregatim o forma de tort cu pereti detasabili ( 28 cm diametru), o imbracam cu folie alimentara, 0 voturi 0 comentarii. 30 min. Torturi Cocktail de fructe à la Amman. Petrece mai putin timp creand cocktailuri complicate si mai mult timp cu prietenii. Aceste simple retete pentru cocktailuri cu vodca Finlandia iti permit sa prepari cocktailuri uimitoare doar in cateva minute. kippis

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  • am sticla, ma gandesc ca
  • Margarita Cocktailul Margarita a fost inventat de o femeie care locuia in Acapulco, pe nume Margarita Sames, in 1948. Reteta originala nu contine triplu sec, ci un lichior de portocale, numit Cointreau. Cu toate acestea, mexicanii revendica originalitatea cocktailului, spunind ca a fost inventat la inceputul anilor 30
  • Perele se afla printre vedetele principale ale sezonului, cu o aroma proaspata si dulce, numai buna de integrat in cele mai savuroase retete. Daca vrei sa prepari ceva special, impresionant, dar totusi cat mai simplu, alege una dintre variantele de mai jos! Top 3 retete de toamna cu pere: Usoare, rapide si elegante! 1
  • 10 retete de cocktailuri perfecte pentru vara - Bauturi populare in cluburi, baruri, terase sau la restaurante, petreceri sau momente festive.. Iti poti surprinde prietenii sau musafirii cu bauturi pe care le poti face acasa usor. Se pare ca primul alcool a fost realizat acum mai bine de 5000 de ani din vin, bere, miere si suc de mere, iar termenul de cocktail a fost folosit prima oara.

101 Retete de mancare cu stevie martie 16, 2019 15 retete de post pentru un meniu complet, gustos si sanatos martie 7, 2019 Cele mai bune deserturi frantuzesti februarie 22, 201 cocktail cu vodka RETETE. VIZUALIZARI: 1986. Cocktail Sex On The Beach pe limba noastra. Dupa un astfel de amestec incendiar ma simt din nou tanar si fara cele doua junghiuri ale diminetii: nevasta si facturile . Amelia C. Bauturi Cocktail mojito. Ti-ai invitat prietenii la o petrecere sau ti-ai invitat prietena la o petrecere in doi? nimic nu e mai indicat decat un Cocktail Mojito.Ideal pentru zilele toride ale verii datorita sucului de lime si frunzelor de menta te vei racori pe loc. Daca nu ai rom Havan Club poti sa incerci si with tequila sau vodka Finlandia 40 ml vodka <br/><br/> Decojiti pepenele si lamaia apoi taiati-le in cubulete Scoate-ti samburii din pepene Introduceti ingredientele in blender si mixati timp de 45-60 secunde, eu am folosit Oster Reversible si programul cocktail Turnati in pahar si decorati cu felie subtire de pepene <br/><br/> . Ungem formele cu ulei si umplem unele cu compozitie alba, restul formelor cu compozitia cu cacao. Intre timp incingem cuptorul. Asezam formele intr-o tava si introducem la cuptor 10 min. Dupa coacere se racesc si se decoreaza cu topping de ciocolata si de capsune presarate cu nuca de cocos. Other recommended recipes

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Se pun intr-un pahar de cocktail si se adauga vodka. Daca ti-a placut reteta noastra Cocktail cu banane, capsuni si vodka nu uita sa-i faci un review Pentru fotografii culinare reusite foloseste Nikon D3500 Pune toate ingredientele intr-un shaker si amesteca. Serveste cocktailul cu un cub de gheata. Optional: decoreaza cu coaja de portocala. Baby Bison. Acesta cocktail simplu se obtine amestecand vodka, suc de mere, Aperol, lamaie si scortisoara. Cocktailul este ideal pentru zilele de toamna. Ingrediente: 45 ml de vodka 45 ml suc de mere 15 ml. Prajituri simple 10 rețete. Prajitura simpla in stil italian 1punga mare piscoturi Savoiardi ( 800 gr) 1 cocktail fructe mare ( 800 gr) pentru crema: 1,5 l lapte 1 cutie amidon ( 200 gr) 3-4 linguri z. Prajitura simpla cu cacao (200 voturi), (31) , (67) Desert capsune Cum sa faci pepite de ciocolata acasa 15 retete cu ton. Cocktail cu capsuni si vin rosu din: capsuni, zahar, lichior de capsuni, suc de lamaie, vin rosu. Ingrediente: capșuni, taiate in jumatate 1/4 cana de zahar 1 lingura lichior de capșuni sau vodka 1 lingurita suc de lamaie proaspat stors 750 ml vin rosu Mod de preparare: Intr-un blender puneti capșunile, zaharul, lichiorulRead more

Cocktail cu inghetata de vanilie si alune . Reteta Cocktail cu inghetata de vanilie si alune. Ingrediente: 1 l lapte, 100 gr. alune, 400 gr. inghetata de vanilie, 250 ml votca Mod de preparare: Se fierbe laptele. Cind clocoteste, se pun alunele prajite, decojite si pisate. Se ia laptele de pe foc si se lasa acoperit o ora COCKTAIL VODKA & LIMONADA Preferatul meu in materie de cocktailuri. Un cocktail racoritor si gustos. Creatia mea cu limonada Turceasca ULUDAG de la AQUATULIP ) Doar am lucrat la Aquatulip si am avut ocazia sa fac experimente cu produsele de la ULUDAG. Aquatulip este unic importator si distribuitor la produsele marca SARIKIZ si ULUDAG, marca numarul 1 in Turcia Cocktail de ciocolata Un cocktail rafinat si elegant! 'Mami, tati, mi-e frică de întuneric'. Teama de întuneric la copii - cum îi putem ajuta să o depășeasc

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  1. iacob. Cocktail cu grapefruti si rom alb din: rom alb, grapfruit roz. Ingrediente: 750 ml rom alb 1 fructe mare de grapefruit roz Mod de preparare: Decojeşte grapefruit-ul şi îndepărtează-i membrana albă care protejează pulpa, apoi taie fructul în felii rotunde şi aşază-le într-un borcan de 1 l
  2. erala sau sifon.se freaca cu pistilul feliile de lime,zaharul,menta ,cum ai zis,se adauga alcoolul,gheata zdrdobita grosier,nu cuburi mari ,si apa
  3. Retete simple cu quinoa. retete afine Quinoa, una dintre cele mai sanatoase cereale din lume, a devenit tot mai cunoscuta si apreciata in bucatariile romanilor. Pentru ca este un aliment recomandat in dietele vegetariene, ti-am pregatit cateva sugestii de retete, in care quinoa este alimentul-vedeta
  4. Cocktail Crabbie`s cu mere și vodka • Bucatar Maniac • Blog culinar cu retete. Ultimele zile de toamnă prea timpurie mi-au inspirat o băutură delicioasă, numai bună de savurat în serile de sepembrie și octombrie care vor urma
  5. In mod traditional acest cocktail de creveti se serveste ca aperitiv si este montat in pahare sau cupe. Mergand pe firul istoric al acestei salate de creveti am descoperit doua surse ale orginii ei: prima ar fi America anilor '20, in plina prohibitie (de acolo si ideea folosirii paharelor de cocktail) iar a doua, ceva mai recenta, in anii '60, in Marea Britanie
  6. e retete cocktailuri, reteta cocktail vita
  7. - 50 ml vodka - 50 ml lichior Kahlua - 50 ml lichior Irish Cream - gheaţă, sirop de ciocolata (optional) Lichiorul Kahlua este un lichior mexican de cafea cu aroma de rom, asadar se poate inlocui cu un lichior de cafea si cu esenta de rom sau 1-2 lingurite de rom

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Trei Cocktailuri simple: Cocktail Martini de ciocolată O reteta simpla de Cocktail Martini de ciocolata din: gin sau votca, ciocolata neagra, lichior de ciocolata si gheata. Cocktail de Campari cu portocale roşii O reteta simpla de Cocktail de Campari cu portocale rosii din: gheata, campari, suc de portocala rosie, apa minerala si portocala Ingrediente: Vodka cu Aroma de Ananas - 60 ml (va sugeram sa incercati Vodka Van Gogh) Smantana de Cocos - 1 lingurita cu varf Suc de Ananas - 30 ml Sucul de la un sfert de Lime Gheata O felie de Ananas - pentru décor Preparare: Amestecati Vodka, lingurita de smantana de cocos, sucul de Colada Martini (Reteta Van Gogh Vodka) Read More Pentru Cocktail. Rom - 30 ml . Crema pentru Cocktail Fierbinte cu Rom - 1 lingura. Nucsoara - un praf . Apa Clocotita - depinde de marimea canii dumneavoastra (nu mai mult de 200 ml totusi) Betisoare de Scortisoara - unul pentru fiecare cocktail (pentru decor) Preparare: Topiti untul intr-o oala mare pe foc mediu Incrediente: 100 ml vodka, 50 ml gin, 100 ml metaxa, 25 ml suc lamiie, 25 ml suc rosii, 50 ml lichior oua, 50 gr. praf capucino, 4 cuburi gheata Preparare: Se amesteca bauturile inpreuna cu 2 cuburi de gheata si praful de capucino intr-un mixer.Se serveste cu gheata si pahar glazurat cu zahar Timp de preparare: Portii mancare

RETETE. VIZUALIZARI: 152. Uneori am chef si pofta sa fac prajituri cu crema alteori prajituri simple cu fructe. Cand suntem la tara de obicei fac cate doua cocktail cu vodka cocktail cu whiskey cocktail de creveti cocktail de creveti cu ananas si legume cocktail de fructe cocktail de fructe de mare cocktail de patrunjel cocktail demi. Ingrediente necesare. 8/10 votca 2/10 vermouth dry. Mod de preparare reteta. Se pun toate ingredientele cu cuburi de gheata in mixing glass dupa ce se amesteca delicat cu stirerul, se toarna, filtrandu-se cu strai-nerul, in cupa mica de cocktail

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  1. erala) punem intr-un pahar si adaugam vodka si miere daca dorim mai dulce putem sa curatam piersicile si nectarinile.
  2. erala obtineti o bautura mai slab alcoolizata, si folositi rom in loc de pitu cachaca. Obtineti astfel Caipirissima. Daca din contra, vreti o bautura mai tare, folositi vodka in loc de rom si obtineti Caipiroska
  3. Daca mergi la petreceri cu prietenii dar nu consumi alcool, acum nu mai ai nici un motiv sa te simti marginalizat. Fa-ti repede o carafa din acest cocktail cu ghimbir si nu numai ca te vei distra alaturi de petrecareti dar te vei si racori si revitaliza! Cu siguranta iti vor cere si ei, asa ca fa mai mult

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Incrediente: vodka, suc de lamaie (o lamaie), blue curacao Preparare: Sucul de lamaie impreuna cu vodka si blue curacao plus 3-4 cuburi de gheata se pun in shaker si se amesteca bine, se pun in pahar doppia capperta coktail, se orneaza cu o felie de lamaie. Timp de preparare: Portii mancare Descrierea retetei: Bautura fara alcool, din suc de struguri, lamaie si indulcita cu miere. Se serveste in pahar, cu 1 cub de gheata si 2 boabe strugure din compot. Ingrediente cocktail strugure: 100 ml suc struguri 100 ml apa minerala 1 lingura miere 1 lingura suc lamaie Modul de preparare a retetei: Se pun ingredientel Cocktail de vara cu zmeura pentru seri de relaxare. Anul trecut am cumparat dintr-un aeroport o sticla de vodka cu aroma de zmeura. Desi nu am crezut ca va avea trecere printre musafirii mei, ei bine cocktailul acesta a fost printre cele preferate in vara aceasta

Retete cu specific. 8 Response to Cocktail vodka & piersici Daniela Addario says: 13 ianuarie 2012, 15:40 (3) prajituri de iarna (1) prajituri gustoase (1) prajituri pentru Craciun (2) prajituri rapide (3) prajituri simple (1) prajituri simple cu fructe (1). Mentiune: Pisco sour este un cocktail peruan, facut pe baza de pisco. :) Pisco este bautura nationala din Peru, dar cum nu se gaseste la noi in tara, am inlocuit acest ingredient cu tuica. Tuica si pisco se aseamana la compozitie si gust in proportie de 99%

10 retete de prăjituri simple pentru începători. Zilele trecute, discutând pe Facebook cu fanii comunității de acolo am fost rugată, de câțiva dintre ei să alcătuiesc o colecție de rețete de prăjituri simple pentru începători sau pentru cei ce nu au mult timp de stat în bucătărie dar vor ceva bun, făcut de mâna lor Bulzul ciobanesc este unul dintre cele mai simple si delicioase retete pe care le poti. Desert de Casa va prezinta o varietate de retete culinare pentru. Suc proaspat de portocale - un plus de vitamina C! Top 50 retete Pas cu Pas, prima carte din Romania cu retete prezentate detaliat. Prajitura cu suc de portocale si fructe(de post) - LaLena Mod de preparare cocktail: Se agita intr-un shaker coniac, rom, Madeira si galbenus, cu gheata si se. strecoara intr-un pahar inalt. Bautura se completeaza cu lapte si deasupra se. presara putina nucsoara. Sugestie. Egg Nogg se bea cald sau rece, in functie de anotimp. Contine intotdeauna lapte. sau smantana Cocktailuri: Cafe Flambe O reteta de cafea flambe din: cafea, zahar si coniac. Ingrediente: 1 ceasca cafea tare si fierbinte 4 cuburi zahar 2 pahare de coniac Mod de preparare: Umplem doua pahare pana la jumatate cu cafea fierbinte, adaugam zaharul si usor coniacul Peste 3000 de reţete culinare delicioase sortate pe teme şi categorii, cu poze, uşoare sau mai dificile, 100% probate şi validate de echipa ReteteAZ

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  1. Punem cele 4 cuburi de gheata intr`un blender si le mixam, apoi le rasturnam in 2 pahare de cocktail. In fiecare pahar, peste gheata pisata, turnam cate 60 ml vodka si 150 ml suc de portocale. Paharele se orneaza cu menta sau lime si cu putin zahar
  2. Cocktail Fruit Frappe Ingrediente: gheaţă pisată cafea îngheţată de vanilie sirop de fructe frişcă zahăr brun Mod de preparare: Se amestecă în blender cafeaîua, îngheţata, frişca, siropul de fructe şi zahărul. Se ornează ipaharul cu topping de fructe, se toarnă conţinutul, se adauigă frişcă
  3. Retete culinare care contin vodka neagra. Retete cu vodka neagra. Prepara mancare cu vodka neagra. Vezi toate retetele culinare care folosesc vodka neagra ca ingredient. Pagina 1 cu retete care contin vodka neagr
  4. Retete cu specific Speciale Cautari Sitemap cocktail fara alcool. Racituri din carne de porc. Ingrediente: 1 kg Picioare si cap de porc, usturoi, zarzavat de supa, 3 cepe, sare, piper, boia . racituri porc retete cocktail fara alcool. SAKE. Ingrediente: Sake se face doar din cateva ingrediente: Orez, apÃÆ', drojdie, mucegai cunoscut.
  5. În cazul în care preferi să serveşti ca aperitive alimente simple, de pildă legume sau mezeluri, poţi pune lângă ele pe masă şi câteva boluri cu diferite sosuri. Printre cele mai folosite aperitive moderne se numără aşa-numitele canapés, a căror tradiţie a pornit din Franţa, fiind apoi adoptată de englezi
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  7. Acasa > VIATA DE FAMILIE Tema: Retete selecte | 0 | 25/9/2020 6 retete incredibil de simple de tiramisu Spune sincer: nu-i asa ca iti place tiramisu? Nu-i asa c

retete simple si rapide. Prajitura cu dovleac si Nutella. Limonada cu lime. Chisalita de prune. Dulceata de prune. Spaghetti cu zucchini si somon. Fursecuri fragede cu mere. Cremsnit. Tort cu ciocolata si fructe de padure. DESERT. FELUL I. FELUL II. APERITIV. BAUTURI. RETETE POPULARE Prajitura simpla cu pere 21 iunie 2018. Prajitura alba cu. 50 ml - Vodka 100 ml - suc de rosii 10-15 ml - fresh lamaie 4-6 picaturi de Tabasco 3-5 picaturi de Worcester sos Sare si Piper Metoda preparare: Intr-un pahar de tip collins se pun toate ingredientele, se adauga gheata cuburi si cu ajutorul linguritei de bar se amesteca pana se omogenizeaza Limoncello sau limoncino este un lichior digestiv cu culoare galbenă-opalescentă (nu este transparent), cu gust dulce-acrișor și cu aromă intensă de lămâie. Originile sale sunt în zona de sud a Italiei, în special în zonele Napoli, Sorrento, Capri sau Amalfi

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vodka, cele mai noi articole si stiri despre vodka Ananas Pe Gratar Cu Miere Cu Sos De Cognac Si Merişoare Confiate . Antricot De Vită Cu Piure De Ţelină . Arancini . Ardei Gras Și Ardei Chilli Cu Humus Și Chipsuri Tortilla Armonie Exotică Cu Îngheţată De Busuioc . Bombalasca . Baccala Cu Rosii, Cartofi Si Masline Negre.

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dios Motherfucker Acesta este cu siguranţă adevartul Adios. Intr-un pahar umplut jumatate cu gheata turnati spirtoasele, adaugati doua dash-uri de mix sweet and sour, un dash de blue curacao si completati cu suc lemon-lime. Amestecati si serviti. Decor: Wedge de lime. French 75 Bautura a fost pentru prima data mixata de catre eroul franco-american al Primulu Cocktail Black Egg. O reteta simpla de Cocktail Black Egg din: galbenus, tequila, kahlua, frisca lichida si cafea macinata. Ingrediente: 1 galbenus 3 cl tequila 3 cl Kahlua 2 cl frisca lichida cafea macinata Mod de preparare: Mixam bine galbenusul, tequila si Kahlua cu 6-7 cuburi de gheata in shaker. Turnam bautura intr-un pahar de cocktail

Pachet Kir Royal Cocktail Sparkling Coktail Kit contine:-3 sticle de vin Spumant Col Brioso Gran Cuvee 0.75LX3 buc-1 sticla de sirop de coacaze Cassis 0.7L - Carte ilustrata cu retete de cocktailuri - Set complet de cocktail din inox: - shaker cocktail 500 ml - frapiera 21 x 21 cm - frapiera 14 x 14 cm - cleste pentru gheata 15.5 c De ce să folosești vodka în cocktail. Cocktailul cu vodka a câștigat foarte mult în popularitate datorită Hollywood-ului și ale sale filme celebre. James Bond a înlocuit ginul cu vodka atunci când cerea un cocktail la bar. Carrie din Totul despre sex ne-a învățat tot ce trebuia să știm despre Cosmopolitan și anume că era băutura ei preferată și că avea în ea vodka Articole din Cocktail`uri alcoolice scrise de Deea. Mod de preparare: Turnam zeama de la o jumatate de lamaie intr-un pahar inalt impreuna cu lichiorul de kiwi, adaugam feliile de kiwi, cuburile de gheata si umplem paharul cu vin spumos O bautura alcoolica de casa simpla si usor de preparat este votka in pepene galben, un cocktail reusit pe baza de vodka si pepene foarte aromat si gustos la indemana oricui. Cum se face cocktailul de pepene galben with vodka urmareste reteta mea Screwdriver. Vodka 30. Orange Juice 70. Tipul paharului: high ball/ collins Legenda: Prima referinta scrisa a acestui cocktail a aparut in ziarul Times, la 24 octombrie 1949: In the dimly lighted bar of the sleek Park Hotel, Turkish intelligence agents mingle with American engineers and Balkan refugees, drinking the latest Yankee concoction of vodka and orange juice, called a Screwdriver