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Pancake Filling

Ingredients for making pancake toppings

  1. Beets (boiled in a peel) 400 g to taste
  2. Pickled champignons 150 g to taste
  3. Garlic 4 cloves. taste
  4. Mayonnaise 100 ml. taste
  5. Salt to taste. taste
  6. Ground black pepper to taste. taste
  • Main Ingredients: Beets, Garlic, Mushrooms

Cooking the filling for pancakes:

Step 1: .

Boil the beets in a peel, cool, peel, grate, squeeze the excess juice. Chop the pickled mushrooms with a knife, add to the beets. Add the garlic through a press to beets and mushrooms. Season with mayonnaise, pepper and salt to taste, mix. Grease the pancake with the finished filling, fold it into a triangle and can be served. Enjoy your meal!