Kus kus

Kus kus are pasta made from wheat flour.
Before kus kus was prepared using a wooden cup in which flour was put, then it was moistened and by rubbing very small granules were obtained. Sprinkle semolina over them to keep them separate from each other. The kus kus thus obtained was dry in the sun and could be stored for several months.

  • o cana de kus kus
  • two cups of meat soup (or water)
  • a tablespoon of oil
  • two teaspoons butter
  • salt and vegeta to taste

Servings: 2

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes


Heat the oil in a Teflon pan (preferably the pan should be flat) and a quarter of the amount of kus kus. Fry the kus kus until it turns brown, then add the rest of the kus kus. Add water and bring to a boil over high heat. After the water has started to boil, turn the heat to low and add the spices and then put the lid on.

Boil until the water drops and the kus kus ‑ has softened.

When ready, add the two teaspoons of butter, and cover the pan with a towel for 10 minutes.

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This dish can be served instead of food with a glass of ayran, or as a side dish to meat dishes.

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KU football & # 8217s standout CB, Karon Prunty announces he & # 8217s leaving Jayhawks

A gaping hole suddenly emerged in the Kansas football secondary on Sunday, as starting cornerback Karon Prunty announced he is leaving the program and entering the transfer portal. By Benton Smith

KU football coach Lance Leipold learned about rebuilding a program as a grad assistant at Wisconsin

As much as his successful runs leading both Wisconsin-Whitewater and Buffalo paved the way for Lance Leipold to be hired as the head football coach at the University of Kansas, another job from his past with far less responsibilities often comes to Leipold's mind as he contemplates the Jayhawks' future.

& # 39He just took off & # 39: Breakthrough spring raises expectations for KU WR Jamahl Horne

Jamahl Horne’s days of producing exclusively on special teams for the Kansas football program appear to be a thing of the past. A high-speed kick returner for the Jayhawks each of the past two seasons, Horne showed the type of progress this spring that has KU receivers coach Emmett Jones convinced the 5-foot-10, 186-pound junior is ready to contribute to the offense , too.

& # 39You can build off of that & # 39: What assistant Jim Zebrowski envisions for KU & # 39s QBs

When Jim Zebrowski first set foot on the University of Kansas campus in May, the football team’s new quarterbacks coach put himself through a crash course fact-finding mission. After all, walking into a different program after spring practices had already concluded meant Zebrowski didn’t know much about the QBs he’ll soon be in charge of preparing for the rigors of a Big 12 season.

Lance Leipold expecting a busy June for KU football

With pandemic recruiting restrictions finally lifted by the NCAA as of Tuesday, when the calendar turned to June, Kansas football head coach Lance Leipold anticipates the next few weeks will be bustling around the facility.

Former Virginia Tech backup D-lineman Zion DeBose transferring to KU

Zion DeBose never got a chance to play for Lance Leipold at Buffalo, but the former Virginia Tech defensive end plans to do just that at Kansas.

3 more former Buffalo players - Rich Miller Jr., Ronald McGee and Michael Ford Jr. - transferring to KU

The Kansas football program continued to be a popular landing spot for former Buffalo players on Monday, as three more transfers announced they are joining the Jayhawks.

Trio of former Buffalo players - DT Eddie Wilson, WR Trevor Wilson and C Mike Novitsky - transferring to KU

The Kansas football program isn’t just adding former Buffalo coaches in 2021. A trio of former Bulls players announced Sunday they are following Lance Leipold and several of his assistants to Lawrence via the transfer portal.

& # 39More decisive & # 39 now, KU football QB Jalon Daniels expects to bounce back from difficult freshman year

The inherent challenges that came with being a true freshman starting quarterback for a struggling Kansas offense literally blindsided Jalon Daniels at times in 2020. As the QB from Lawndale Calif., Enters his second year in the program, though, Daniels feels more informed, and convinced he's a better player as a result.

& # 39What does Kansas need? & # 39: Jayhawks & # 39 introduction to program reboot to begin with help of strength coach Matt Gildersleeve

The first week that Matt Gildersleeve was in Lawrence, the Kansas football team's new director of sports performance didn't leave the facility without talking at length every night with his boss, head coach Lance Leipold, about their summer plans for a program in need of a reboot.

Kickoff times, TV coverage announced for KU football & # 39s first 3 games of 2021

A few details for the first three games on the Kansas football schedule are now in place, as the Big 12 announced Thursday kickoff times and television plans for the early season slate.

New assistants aim to get KU O-linemen playing fast, physical style of football

As Andy Kotelnicki attempts in the months ahead to revive the Kansas football offense, the Jayhawks ’new coordinator and play-caller knows whatever level of success the team achieves will depend upon what transpires at the line of scrimmage. According to Kotelnicki, the offensive line is the most important position group in football.

Longtime KU athletic administrators Monte Johnson, Larry Keating die on the same day

Kansas Athletics lost two longtime, highly respected members of its administrative family on Tuesday, when former KU Athletic Director Monte Johnson and former Associate AD Larry Keating died at the ages of 84 and 76. By Matt Tait

Emmett Jones: Steven McBride emerged for KU & # 39s young WRs group this spring

When Emmett Jones wasn’t handling the big picture responsibilities that came with his stint as the football team’s interim head coach this spring, the third-year Kansas assistant also stayed plenty busy in his normal role, coaching up the receivers. What Jones saw from the young group over the course of 15 practices proved gratifying for the coach position.

Lance Leipold looking forward to getting to know Jayhawks better

It will still be a little while before Kansas football coach Lance Leipold feels like he truly knows his team’s personnel. Just as the Jayhawks ’new leader got to campus a few weeks ago, many of the players were wrapping up spring semester finals and headed out of town. So - for now at least - Leipold is waiting to make any judgments about the roster he inherited.

Cultural differences between Mexico and Spain

Although the language spoken in Mexico and Spain is the same, there are very big differences in accent. In addition, there are many words that in one country are used to refer to something, and in the other it means something totally different.

An example of this is the word laces, which in Mexico refers to laces, and in Spain refers to muscle pain after exercise.

Another of the most notable cultural differences between these two countries has to do with food. This is due, in principle, to two fundamental issues.

The first has to do with its geographical location, with Mexico & # 238n Central America and Spain & # 238n Europe. And, secondly, with the way these meals are prepared, because both countries have long-standing traditional recipes that continue to be followed to this day.

For this reason, the ingredients used in each country are different, being corn, beans and chili, some of the most used for preparing meals in Mexico.

And, in the case of Spain, olive oil, vegetables and fish from the Mediterranean are some of the ingredients that stand out the most in recipes.

Former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, detained in Prague

David Duke, the former leader of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), was detained in Prague on Friday afternoon.

He was arrested while in a restaurant and interrogated for several hours by Czech police. During the night, however, he was released and forced to leave the country today.

Arriving in Prague last week at the invitation of a local neo-Nazi group, & # 8220Narodni Odpor & # 8221 (& # 8222National Resistance & # 8221), the American David Duke was to give speeches at three conferences in Prague and Brno and present the Czech translation of one of his books.

According to him, David Duke has been indicted for & # 8220supporting a movement to suppress human rights and fundamental freedoms & # 8221.

The former lawyer of the former KKK leader, Klara Samkova, has indicated that she will file a complaint against the Prague police.

A journalist appeals to the Ku Klux Klan, and an American senator demands his resignation

An American journalist demanded the return of the racist Ku Klux Klan, which lynched more than 4,000 people, most of them African Americans. The editor of a small publication reacted even more violently when his attention was drawn to the skid, saying that the hangmen should also be seen in Washington, the US capital. Democratic Sen. Doug Jones has called for the journalist to resign.

& # 8222We've seen what happens if we don't react when racist and hateful opinions are published, especially from influential people. Words matter. The facts matter. Resign, now! & # 8221, the senator sent on Twitter on Monday, describing the journalist's editorial as & # 8222 disgusting, racist and full of hatred & # 8221.

Last week, Goodloe Sutton, a longtime Democrat-Reporter columnist, wrote an article urging the Ku Klux Klan to return to the wave. "It looks like the Klan would need to sweep the neighborhoods," Sutton wrote, Agerpres reported.

The article went viral and the columnist continued his attack.

"If we could get the Ku Klux Klan up and clean up in (Washington) D.C., it would be much better for everyone," Sutton told Montgomery Advertiser. "I took off the ropes, hung them on the highest branch, and hung them all," he added.

& # 8222We are talking about communist-socialists, not real Americans. Do you know what socialism and communism mean? & # 8221, the editorialist also said.

The journalist's publication, The Democrat-Reporter, appears in Linden, a small town on the border between Alabama and Mississippi where, according to the 2010 census, only about 2,000 people live. About half of them are African-American.

The Ku Klux Klan killed & # 8222 only a few & # 8221 and that & # 8222 was only violent when needed & # 8221, the journalist added. In fact, according to the Tuskegee Institute, between 1881 and 1968, the organization's supporters lynched 4743 people, nearly three-quarters of whom were African-American.

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What are the reasons people kiss?

Kissing has long been considered an evolutionary cultural model of the Western world. But in 1915 two researchers observed adult chimpanzees feeding on each other by kissing. Kissing or pre-chewing is the act of chewing the food, which is then passed into someone else's mouth. Strange as it may sound, it is not something that only people do. People, in certain parts of the world, resort to the same procedure as their babies.

Apparently, pre-chewing and kissing use similar movement patterns. Thus, it has been theorized that the kiss could come from feeding. In a broader context, it is consistent with the general rule that maternal behavior often becomes ritualized in patterns that are used to express affection or make connections.

First kiss

The kiss, or at least the way we know it today, is fairly new. However, researchers have found evidence that people did something like the modern kiss 3,500 years ago. According to them, Sanskrit Vedic Hindu texts described kissing as inhaling the soul of another.
Even 500 years later, the kiss was described during the Sanskrit period of the Mahabharata. In fact, even the word "quotation mark" comes from India. The root of the English word & quotkiss & quot is derived from the word & quotkus & quot, used in India. The first kiss may have taken place in this South Asian country.

The kiss transmitted by the Romans

After it appeared in India, researchers believe that the practice of kissing began to spread around the globe thanks to Alexander the Great and his massive army. Since he had conquered most of the world known at the time, the kiss was able to travel quite far. It is believed that the practice of kissing has become very widespread in Rome. The Romans kissed their partners or lovers, family and friends, as well as leaders. They differentiated between a kiss on the side or on the cheek (oscolum) and a kiss on the lips (basium) and a passionate kiss (savolium).

Rome was also the place where the kiss on the wedding day was born.

However, when Rome fell, the kiss as a romantic gesture disappeared. Only after a thousand years did the kiss find its way to romance. Romeo and Juliet's kiss is an emblem of this movement, trying to celebrate romantic love.

Despite all the fascinating research on kissing, it is not yet known whether this is a natural or learned behavior. Feeding theory shows that kissing is a learned behavior. Also, the fact that most animals do not kiss can mean that this behavior is learned. However, some animals kiss, even those that show no signs of affection. It is also true that not everyone has the innate desire to kiss.

CFR Cluj - KuPS, starting teams:

CFR Cluj: Bălgrădean - Susic, Vinicius, Burcă, Camora - Deac, Bordeianu, Djokovic, Păun - Rondon, Debeljuh
Reservations: Sandomierski, Manea, Omrani, Pereira, Chipciu, Hoban, Cestor
Trainer: Dan Petrescu

KuPS: Virtanen - Savolainen, Tarasovs, Nuno Tomas, Pikk - Saxman, Adjei-Boateng, Nissila - Sale, Rangel, Pennaen
reserves: Riihimaki, Purje, Udoh, Manga, Pirttijoki, Heinonen, Nissinen
Trainer: Arne Erlandsen

Stadium: "Dr. Constantin Rădulescu "
Referee: Ivan Bebek // Assistants: Goran Pataki, Bojan Zobenica (all from Croatia)

We said before our qualification in Sweden, that the team that will qualify between CFR Cluj and Djurgardens will be the favorite with the Finns. Seeing the last 6 matches of KuPS, I changed my mind, because now I know what it can: there is no favorite on Thursday night. KuPS bought 6 new players, all starters, it's a very, very good team! In the last games he has 8 victories and a draw, he practices a modern, offensive game, very well organized in defense. I really didn't see any weaknesses. I'm sure I'll be criticized again, but I'll tell you what I studied, seeing. I thought the Swedes were worth more than the Finns, but I was wrong.

Our players have to make a perfect match to qualify. In fact, they have to overcome themselves. The Finns are in excellent shape, we are not in very good shape. I believe in what it is, not in what it once was! I'm a little scared of this match. A difficult field would benefit their team, but they only have two Finns in the field, otherwise they have 8-9 very good foreigners, Brazilians, Portuguese, Nigerians. A duel on the edge of a knife
-Dan Petrescu, coach of CFR Cluj

VIDEO: Some Americans are going crazy. He wears Ku Klux Klan hoodies on behalf of the coronavirus

A man entered a grocery store in San Diego, California, wearing a racist Ku Klux Klan (KKK) hood.

In California, the wearing of public masks is mandatory. The surprise of some locals was when a man entered the store wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood on his face, according to msn.com.

A customer of the store told the local press that the man was waiting in line quietly, behind her. The woman is among the witnesses who posted online photos of the man with the KKK hood. She also claims that at one point, a man in a wheelchair greeted him. A store spokesperson claims that employees have repeatedly asked the customer to remove the KKK hood or leave the premises. & Icircn finally, the client gave up the tail mask.

Video: Gran Turismo Sport ПОЧТИ идеальный заезд нет (January 2022).