Sarmale prepared at Multicooker Crock-Pot Express with pressure cooking

I scalded the cabbage leaves in water with a little salt, thyme sprig and dried dill.

I cut the stalks of the leaves, but kept them to put on the bottom of the pot, before placing the stuffing.

I connected the Express Multicooker with pressure cooking to the power supply.

I set the Brown / Saute function for 10 minutes, then Start.

I put the two tablespoons of oil in the bowl of the appliance and I hardened the finely chopped onion.

Then I added the finely chopped smoked ribs, the meat, the rice, the tomato juice, the spices and the finely chopped dill.

Season to taste.

I pressed the Stop key and removed the dish from the appliance to stop cooking.

I put the filling on each cabbage leaf and wrapped them.

After I finished the filling, I put the cabbage stalks on the bottom of the bowl, then I placed the sarmales. I had 21 pieces. Now it also depends on how small you manage to make them.

On top I chopped the remaining cabbage leaves.

I put the pot back in the Crock-Pot Express Multicooker with pressure cooking.

For cooking we will need liquid. Its amount depends on how you want it to be at the end, taking into account that it will not decrease too much during cooking, only how much will be absorbed by the rice.

We like the "drier" sarmales, meaning they don't have too much juice at the end, so we put 200 ml of tomato juice, about 400 ml of water and salt.

The liquid did not cover the sarmales, and in the end there was very little left, as I wanted.

I put the lid of the Crock Pot Express Multicooker with pressure cooking, I turned it in the closed position, I also closed the pressure valve.

I set the Manual cooking function for 25 minutes and pressed the Start key.

Heat will appear on the appliance screen until pressure builds up in the vessel. Some steam will come out, then an audible signal will sound and the actual cooking time will begin.

When the 25 minutes have expired, an audible signal will sound again and if we do not press the start key, the device will automatically switch to the "keep warm" function.

I pressed the start key and left for another 15 minutes, so the pressure will be released gradually, and the rice will "swell".

After these 15 minutes, I opened the pressure valve, using a spatula. I then opened the lid, making sure the steam in the pot didn't burn me.

I served the sarmales with cream.

Have fun!

Video: Sage Risotto Multi-Cooker Demo (January 2022).