Pies with chicken breast and cream cheese

Let the dough thaw at room temperature.

We wash the chicken breast, dab it with a kitchen napkin and cut the right pieces. Season them with salt, pepper, paprika and let them taste for about 15 minutes. Mix the cheese with the butter, add the sour cream, the grated Parmesan then taste with salt and pepper. Wash a little green dill, chop it and incorporate it into the cream cheese.

Sprinkle the flour on the work table. Place the puff pastry and spread it a little with the rolling pin. We cut the right squares, and on one end we place a piece of chicken, and over 1 teaspoon of cream cheese. With the other part of the dough, cover the packages and press the edges with a fork.

Grease a tray with daisies, line with baking paper and place the pies.

Beat the foam egg and grease them well with a brush, and sprinkle poppy seeds on top. We put the tray in the hot oven and when they are nicely browned it means that they are done. We take them out of the oven, let them cool a bit and they are only good to serve!

How to make chicken stuffed with cream cheese, garlic and chives

The chicken

Chicken is often used in the kitchen because it is very easy to combine with other ingredients. It is usually accompanied by various vegetables, fruits, other types of meat or even sugar or honey to provide contrast and versatility to the dishes.

This recipe uses thin slices of bacon wrapped around pieces of chicken breast to get a crunchy texture that leaves your mouth watering. The meat will be crispy and red on the outside and juicy on the inside. The aroma of the bacon will penetrate deep into the chicken when cooked in the oven.

To get the delicious effect described above, you will need a little butter. The cream cheese will give the chicken color and a caramelized look.

Chicken and cheese tart

The whole family loves these tarts.
Hot or cold, with meat or vegetables, can be a simple dinner or a hearty breakfast with a glass of yogurt.

In a bowl, quickly mix the flour with the butter until you get a floury mixture.
Add salt and egg and mix. We need a dough that we will spread with the rolling pin to obtain the tart top. If it is too hard, add cold milk until the dough is soft but not sticky.

Form a ball of dough and let it cool for at least 30 minutes.

We take it out and spread a sheet a little bigger than the diameter of the tray in which we will bake the tart. Once the dough is in shape, it must also cover the walls of the tray.

Place the chicken breast pieces on top.

Beat eggs with a little salt and pepper (stop two tablespoons of butter).
Add cheese, sour cream and dill and mix. We match the taste of salt.
Pour the mixture over the meat.
Gently pull the edges of the dough over the mixture and from the remaining dough we make a grid that we put on top.
Grease with egg, sprinkle with sesame seeds and put the tart in the preheated oven, at 175 degrees until lightly browned.

Chicken pie

An excellent pie, good for breakfast and picnic and package.

Dough: dissolve the yeast in 4-5 tablespoons of warm water. Sift the flour into a bowl and put warm water, egg, salt powder, dissolved yeast and oil. Knead until you get an elastic dough. Let it rise until we prepare the filling.
Stuffing: wash the chicken breast and cut it into three pieces. Heat a grill pan well and fry the pieces of meat for 2-3 minutes on each side. When they cool, cut them into cubes. We clean the onion, wash it, cut it into scales and heat it in the four tablespoons of oil. Cut the pepper into cubes and finely chop the parsley. Put all the ingredients in a bowl, season with paprika, salt and pepper and mix.

Put the dough on baking paper and spread it with the rolling pin in a rectangular sheet (20x30 cm). Straighten the edges with a roll (knife) and put the filling in the middle along the length. Cut the edges obliquely into strips of about 2 cm and cover the filling alternating strips of dough. Transfer the pie with the baking paper to a tray and grease it with beaten egg. Put the pan in the preheated oven over medium heat for 40-45 minutes, until nicely browned. It can be served both hot and cold.

: the chicken breast is cleaned, washed and cut into strips. Mix with the chicken spice, coriander and set aside, preferably in the refrigerator. Peel the potatoes and cut them, then fry them in oil. Peel the onions and tomatoes and slice them, as well as the pickles and cabbage. Prepare the yogurt sauce, to which we add mint and possibly some garlic. For this sauce you can also use sour cream mixed with yogurt.
Fry the chicken pieces. We heat the glues and assemble them, everyone adds ingredients to their liking.
You can add other ingredients, such as: salad, cabbage, cucumber and if you need more ideas, keep an eye on some shaormarie.

It can be eaten rolled or on a plate. If you prefer it rolled, at the base you can attach it with aluminum foil, so that it does not fall apart.

Pies with chicken breast and cream cheese - Recipes

The scraps from scraps, I made them on Saturday in a great lack of inspiration and time. The idea came to me immediately, from the breast of the festively browned chicken, and from some fish fillets left over from the fish with the vegetables in the oven, I quickly made a recipe for meatballs.
- 1 cooked chicken breast (boiled or grilled or baked)
- 1 grilled or baked fish fillets
- 2 husband eggs
- half a large onion or a small onion
- A big potato
- a medium carrot
- pesmet
- a spice envelope for meatballs
Give all the ingredients through the meat grinder, excluding the eggs that are mixed at the end. Add breadcrumbs if the composition is too soft. Leave to cool for half an hour. Form balls and fry in hot oil. Did I convince you?

Potato roll with chicken breast, cream cheese and tomatoes!

You will become addicted to potatoes according to this recipe! Be sure to save the recipe, the dish is a real explosion of taste! It combines garnish and meat in itself. It is perfect for lunch or dinner, and the filling can be different every time.


-salt and black pepper - to taste.

For the filling:

-180 gr of cream cheese


1. Cut the potatoes into thin slices.

2. Line the tray with baking paper, sprinkle with grated cheese and place the potato slices.

3. Sprinkle the potatoes with salt and black pepper to taste, then with cheese and put the tray in the preheated oven at 180 ° С for 30 minutes, until the potatoes become soft, but be careful not to burn.

4. Cut the onion and meat into small pieces, and the tomatoes into small cubes (we used cherry).

Advice. You can grind the meat with a blender.

5. Heat the pan with oil, add the onion and fry for about 3 minutes. Then add the tomatoes and fry the vegetables for another 3 minutes.

6. Transfer the chicken breast to the pan, mix, add salt and spices and cook the ingredients until the meat is ready.

7. Mix the cream cheese with the greens and cover the potato top with the composition obtained.

8. Add the filling in an even layer and sprinkle everything with grated cheese.

9. Roll a roll, which you put in the oven for 10 minutes at a temperature of 150 ° С.

All you have to do is sprinkle the roll with greens and cut it into slices.

Ingredients paprika with chicken breast

1 chicken breast, cleaned and deboned
1 onion
2 cloves of garlic
2 tablespoons oil
2 tablespoons tomato paste
2 potatoes
1 tablespoon sweet paprika
1/4 teaspoon hot paprika (or to taste)
1/2 teaspoon of Kotanyi cumin
1/4 teaspoon pepper
salt to taste