At first when I saw this soup, I thought I wouldn't even try it, then I said I wouldn't lose anything! My husband's family is Greek born in Egypt, so my mother-in-law has many Egyptian recipes, and this soup is one of my husband's favorite dishes now and my favorite!
It can be made with the juice from a boiled chicken, or with 2 knor cubes. It is a plant that has leaves similar to those of basil, but it is generally found in the form of a dried plant, in jars or frozen, I prefer the frozen one, it can be bought at Arab specialty stores.
In the photos below, I boiled 3 packets of molochia, in case you're wondering why it's so much butter, but of course, you can make it to your liking.


In the case of pictures, the snapshot is an image or photo obtained through a very short exposure. For the photos below, the horizontal or vertical movement of air masses gave rise to unpleasant moments for the people posed, revealing their intimate areas, but also created memorable images for passers-by. I called them simple: snapshots of winds, without taking into account the other meaning of the word wind (gas, slope, basin, rustling, or rumble).

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Video: The Original Egyptian Molokhia Recipe الملوخية المصرية على أصولها (December 2021).