Scrambled eggs with honey

Ingredients for making scrambled eggs with honey

  1. 8 eggs
  2. Honey 4 tablespoons
  3. Butter 20 grams
  4. Milk 1/2 cup
  5. Salt to taste
  • Main Ingredients Eggs, Milk, Honey
  • Serving 5 servings
  • World Cuisine


Medium bowl, Tablespoon, Hand whisk or mixer, Frying pan with lid, Wooden spatula, Turk, Serving platter, Knife

Cooking scrambled eggs with honey:

Step 1: prepare honey.

Honey is not always liquid. If you have just such a case, then put it with a tablespoon in a Turk and put it on a small fire. With constant stirring with improvised stock, bring thick honey to a liquid state. Immediately after that we turn off the burner and set the Turk aside.

Step 2: prepare the fried eggs with honey.

Using a knife, break the eggshell and pour the yolks and squirrels into a deep bowl. We also add milk and salt to taste here. Using a hand whisk or mixer, beat the components until a homogeneous mass is formed. Attention: when using an electric appliance, mix everything at a low speed.

Now put a piece of butter in the pan and put the container on a small fire. Constantly stirring the butter with a wooden spatula, melt it and wait for the pan to heat up. Immediately after this, pour the egg mixture here and fry the dish until thickened. In 5 - 7 minutes before cooking, cover the container with a lid so that the surface of the scrambled eggs also bakes well on all sides. Turn off the burner, and cut the dish with a knife into 4 - 6 parts.

Step 3: serve the fried eggs with honey.

Slices of fried scrambled eggs with a wooden spatula are transferred to a special plate, and pour melted honey on top. This dish is very tasty. It can be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you will always be full and satisfied, but this is if you like honey. As a side dish, fresh vegetables and a slice of bread or toast are perfect for scrambled eggs.
Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- Such eggs can also be prepared with different vegetables. For example, before pouring the egg mass, you can fry the carrots with onions in a frying pan to a soft golden color. If desired, you can also add sausage, sausages or pieces of boiled chicken to the dish;

- homemade eggs and milk are best for preparing fried eggs;

- You can water scrambled eggs with different types of honey to your taste. For example, it can be linden, chestnut, cucumber, mint, buckwheat and other honey.