Sugar Orange Peel

Ingredients for Sugar Orange Peels

  1. Orange peels as you like
  2. Sugar as you like
  • Main Ingredients: Orange, Sugar


Kitchen knife, cutting board, can, tablespoon.

Making orange peels in sugar:

Step 1: prepare the orange peels.

There is no need to purify oranges specially to prepare the peel from them. The best thing here is non-waste production, that is, preservation of the peel from the fruit just eaten. But be sure to rinse the orange with warm water before cleaning it.
The crust can be cut into small cubes or grated.

Step 2: Sugar the orange peels.

Take a clean jar, pour sugar on its bottom, and lay an orange peel on top. Sprinkle it with sugar and that's it. Put in the refrigerator and after a few days it will change color and highlight juice.
In addition, you can fill the jar gradually, harvesting the peel from the just eaten oranges. Just stack it on top, pouring layers of sugar.

Step 3: Serve the orange peels in sugar.

Orange peels in sugar will be ready in a few days. Serve them as a dessert for tea. This is a natural and very tasty treat that is liked by both adults and children.
Enjoy your meal!