Roll "California"

Ingredients for making California roll


  1. rice for sushi 200 g
  2. water 300 g

Rice dressing:

  1. water 100 ml
  2. rice vinegar 2 tbsp
  3. sugar 1/2 tsp
  4. salt pinch


  1. fresh cucumber 1 pc
  2. avocado 1 pc
  3. crab meat or its imitation 250 g


  1. nori 4 sheets
  2. Wasabi to taste
  3. sesame 30 g
  4. pickled ginger to taste
  5. soy sauce to taste
  6. green tea (sugar free) to taste
  • Main Ingredients Cucumber, Avocado, Crab Sticks
  • Portion20-25 rolls


Casserole - 2 liters, Bowl, Cutting board, Knife, Bowl or bowl, Bamboo napkin - 2 pcs, Frying pan, Small plate - 2 pcs, Fork, Spoon, Tea spoon, Scissors, Food wrap or polyethylene

Cooking California Roll:

Step 1: Cooking Fig.

In general, sushi is cooked quickly. Cooking rice is the longest and most crucial stage. First of all, rice needs to be measured correctly. If there is a kitchen scale - great, if not then remember that 200 g is not a glass of rice, but about 3/4 cup with a volume of 250 ml. This is important so as not to disturb the proportions of water and rice.
Then the rice must be washed and very thoroughly. You can do this in the same pan that you plan to cook it in or in a bowl. It is best to cook rice in a stainless steel pan, especially if you cook not 200 g, but more.
Rinse the rice until the water is as clear as from the tap. Usually 7-8 times the repetition of the pour-drain process is enough.
It is best to fill the rice with hot water so as not to make a mistake when measuring - if you pour cold while it is heating, part of the water will evaporate and how then to determine how much to add? And so added 300 ml of boiling water and done.

We put the pot with rice and water on medium heat. We wait until the water boils, reduce the fire and tightly close the lid. Then we cook for about 12 minutes, plus a couple of minutes is not a disaster. After 12 minutes, turn off the fire, in no case open the lid and leave for another 12 minutes to reach readiness. The denser the lid fits, the better - less vapor loss.
While the rice is insisting, you need to make a dressing for it. This is not a complicated matter, simpler than simple: add rice vinegar, salt and sugar to warm boiled water. Be sure to try dressing, it should have a sweet and sour taste.
You can not refuel, but buy ready-made in the store. Especially, if you could not find rice vinegar, it will not be replaced by ordinary vinegar or lemon juice.

While they were dressing, the rice was infused. Open the lid and loosen it with a wooden stick or fork, transfer to a bowl. Leave the rice to cool to room temperature. Then add the dressing, but not all, sprinkle a little so that the rice sticks well.

Step 2: Prepare the other ingredients.

Peel and chop the cucumber and avocado with a long straw. Cut the crab meat or its imitation into small pieces.

Then fry sesame seeds. Pour it into a pan and fry over low heat, stirring occasionally. A pleasant sesame smell will appear first. Then the seeds will turn golden. That’s enough. Turn off the fire, pour the sesame seeds on a plate and leave to cool. It is better not to leave it in the pan, it may burn.

Nori sheets need to be cut into two equal parts. The easiest way to do this is with scissors. Two large rolls are obtained from one sheet.
It remains to brew a weak green tea. It will be needed in the process of making rolls - we will dip our fingers into it so that the rice does not stick. If you make tea when the rice is brewed, it will have time to cool to a comfortable temperature.

Step 3: Making California Rolls

So, all the components are ready, it remains to make rolls of them. Spread a bamboo napkin to make it easier to turn nori with rice, you can cover it with cling film or polyethylene (you can cut a regular bag).
Before taking rice, wash your hands thoroughly and be sure to dip your fingers in green tea. If you forget, the rice sticks to your fingers and you have to wash your hands again.
Spread the rice evenly over the entire surface with a layer of approximately 0.5 cm.

Cover the rice with rice and a second bamboo napkin, gently turn it over so that the rice is on the bottom.

Put cucumber, avocado and crab meat in the middle of the nori.

Raise the edge of the mat, carefully roll up the roll so that the filling does not shift.

Sprinkle sesame seeds on all sides and place on a cutting board.

When all the rolls are rolled up, it remains only to cut them. So that the rice does not stick to the knife, you can moisten it with green tea, which we have already prepared or with water. Rice will not stick to a wet knife.
Cut the first one - the height is about 4-6 cm, it will be a guide, then all the rest and shift to a plate.

Step 4: Serve the California rolls.

Ready-made rolls need to be served immediately, freshly prepared the most delicious. And of course, don’t forget about pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce - where without them?
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Instead of crab meat, you can take high-quality crab sticks. If you do not like the imitation of crab meat, then you can use slightly salted salmon or salmon instead.

- If you do not have a bamboo napkin, you can use a sheet of parchment instead. It is not necessary to cover it with polyethylene, just throw out the parchment after you roll the roll.