Gooseberry sauce

Gooseberry Sauce Ingredients

  1. Gooseberry 100 grams
  2. Garlic 30 grams
  3. Dill Greens 30 grams
  4. Salt to taste
  • Main ingredients: Garlic, Gooseberries, Greens


Blender, strainer or colander, kitchen knife, disposable paper towels.

Making gooseberry sauce:

Step 1: Prepare the gooseberries.

Pour gooseberries in a sieve or colander, simultaneously picking and throwing spoiled berries, as well as leaves, twigs and other plant debris.
Rinse the selected gooseberries thoroughly with warm running water.

Carefully cut off the remaining flowers and stalks from the berries. If it doesn’t work out neatly, just cut it off by grabbing some of the pulp.
Rinse the gooseberries again and leave the sieve with it on the weight to allow excess moisture to escape.

Step 2: Prepare the garlic.

Peel the garlic cloves and rinse with cold water. Dry with towels.

Step 3: Prepare the dill greens.

Rinse the dill, cut off the thick stems, so that there is only one green. Dry with paper towels.

Step 4: Prepare the gooseberry sauce.

Now everything is simple: put all the prepared ingredients in a blender bowl and grind thoroughly to a homogeneous consistency. Salt and be sure to try, suddenly, you need to add a little more garlic or herbs, and maybe even the berries themselves.
The taste of gooseberry sauce should turn out to be sour, not salted, with a noticeable but not bright aroma of garlic and fresh dill. However, the sauce itself is not so good, but in combination with meat ...

Step 5: Serve the gooseberry sauce.

Serve the gooseberry sauce immediately after cooking, after standing, it begins to delaminate and lose its consistency. Serve it to a fried chop, to barbecue, to baked meat, to pork medallions and the like. It is in combination with meat dishes that gooseberry sauce is revealed, and you understand that no tomato ketchup could make your dish so delicious.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- If you liked the recipe for gooseberry sauce and you wanted to cook something similar, but more complicated, be sure to try gooseberry chutney.

- Instead of a blender, you can use a meat grinder by simply passing through it all the ingredients 2-3 times until you reach the desired consistency.