Pumpkin jam with dried apricots

Ingredients for making pumpkin jam with dried apricots

  1. Pumpkin (peeled from seeds and peel) 3 kilograms
  2. Dried apricots 1 kilogram
  3. Sugar 1 kilogram
  • Main ingredients: Pumpkin, Dried Apricots, Sugar


Saucepan, kitchen knife, cutting board, glass jars, lids, ladle, wide funnel, wooden spoon.

Cooking pumpkin jam with dried apricots:

Step 1: prepare the pumpkin.

First of all, the most difficult thing is cutting the pumpkin. It is imperative to remove a thick skin and remove all seeds along with partitions. This is not a tricky business, but it is very laborious and sometimes even dangerous, as the knife continually strives to slip off the pumpkin sides. Therefore, in the process you need to be careful and attentive.
In the end, you only have pumpkin pulp left. It will need to be cut into small cubes.

Step 2: start making jam.

Sprinkle the prepared pulp of pumpkin with sugar, mix and set simmer on low heat.

Do not forget to stir the pulp of the pumpkin so that nothing burns. Cook 5-10 minutes. You don’t need to add water to this jam, however, you yourself will see that after a while the pumpkin will begin to secrete juice, the sugar will dissolve and a thick syrup will turn out.

Step 3: prepare dried apricots.

Meanwhile, while the pumpkin is being cooked, there is time to start preparing dried apricots. To do this, first rinse the dried fruits with warm water, and then dry slightly.
You can cut dried apricots as you like best. Want big pieces? You are welcome! Just cut the dried fruit into halves. Do you want dried apricots to be chopped very finely? Cut into cubes or straws. It's all up to you.

Step 4: prepare pumpkin jam with dried apricots.

Now pour the chopped dried apricots in a pan to the pumpkin with sugar. Continue cooking for approximately 1 hourmaybe a little more. And do not forget to mix periodically so that nothing burns. As a result, you will get a thick and rather fragrant jam of bright sunny color.

Step 5: preserve pumpkin jam with dried apricots.

To preserve pumpkin jam with dried apricots for the winter, spread it immediately after cooking, while it is still very hot, in dry, sterilized jars. Close blanks tightly and let cool to room temperature.
Store chilled jars filled with pumpkin jam with dried apricots in the same way as other blanks, that is, out of the reach of sunlight, away from heating appliances, such as a stove or battery. And after you open one jar, immediately move it to the refrigerator.

Step 6: serve pumpkin jam with dried apricots.

Pumpkin jam with dried apricots is a wonderful winter dessert that will delight children and adults with its taste, especially in combination with strong hot tea. It turns out the jam is so thick that you can safely use it for baking. Delight yourself and your family with delicious and wholesome food, especially in winter, when we all so lack simple solar heat and vitamins.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- From this amount of ingredients, about 3 liters of jam are obtained.

- Any pumpkin is suitable for making jam, it doesn’t matter if it is grown in your garden or bought in a store, the main thing is that it be of good quality.