Marinated zucchini

Ingredients for Making Pickled Zucchini

The main

  1. Zucchini young 4 pieces (medium)
  2. Dill greens 2-3 pieces

For marinade

  1. Pure water 4.5 liters
  2. Vinegar 800 grams
  3. Sugar 500 grams
  4. Salt 180 grams
  5. Mustard seeds to taste
  6. Garlic 1-3 cloves
  7. Allspice peas to taste
  8. Black peppercorns to taste
  9. Bay leaf to taste
  10. Coriander to taste
  • Main Ingredients


Saucepan, jars with lids, a kitchen knife, cutting board, waffle towel, plaid, ladle, wide funnel.

Cooking marinated zucchini:

Step 1: Prepare the zucchini.

Take only zucchini, the skin of which you can easily scratch with a fork or fingernail. Rinse the vegetables very thoroughly and dry them slightly. Cut clean zucchini into thick slices. Do not forget to put aside the tips, we will not need them.

Step 2: marinate the zucchini.

Immediately set the marinade to boil. To do this, pour water into the pan, add all-all spices to it, except for vinegar for now, do not forget about granulated sugar and salt. Bring everything to a boil, then slightly reduce the heat so that the liquid does not boil very much, and leave everything to boil for 15-20 minutes.
At the same time, prepare clean cans and place in them circles of zucchini so that they lay tight enough to each other.
Remove the marinade from the heat, add vinegar to it, stir and pour into the jars with zucchini, filling them to the very neck, leaving no room for air. Cover the blanks with lids.
Immediately move the filled cans into a pot of hot water, remembering to lay a towel on its bottom. Boil the blanks for 5-10 minutes, depending on the size of the cans. That is, for a half-liter, 5 minutes is enough, but liter ones need to be sterilized within 10 minutes.
After sterilization, immediately close or roll up the jars. Wrap them in a "fur coat" from a blanket or towels and leave to cool completely. Cans with marinated zucchini cooled to room temperature should be sent to a cool, dark place with other pieces.

Step 3: Serve the marinated zucchini.

Pickled zucchini is very tasty. Serve them on the table as a snack or prepare salads with them, or you can just crunch them in the evening in front of the TV.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Use only spring water or bottled water for the workpieces, but not from the tap.

- So that the jars do not burst during pouring the hot marinade in them, it is best to preheat them in the oven or in any other way convenient for you.