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Quick tortillas

Ingredients for Making Quick Tortillas

  1. Wheat flour 2-2.5 cups
  2. Kefir 1 cup
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Baking soda 1/2 or 1 whole teaspoon without slide
  5. Vegetable oil as needed (for frying)
  • Main ingredients: Kefir, Flour
  • Portion 3-4
  • World Cuisine


A glass (capacity of 250 milliliters), a teaspoon, a whisk, a tablespoon, a sieve with a fine mesh, a deep bowl, a kitchen towel, a rolling pin, a stove, a frying pan, a spatula, a large flat dish, a serving plate.

Cooking quick cakes:

Step 1: prepare the dough.

Pour a glass of kefir into a deep bowl and add baking soda to it, if you don’t really like its smell, then it is better to reduce its amount. There we put a little salt, mix everything with a whisk until a homogeneous consistency and let stand in this form for 4-5 minutes so that these products react. Then, using a sieve with a fine mesh, we begin to sift wheat flour into the resulting mass. We act slowly, adding half a glass, while kneading the dough with a spoon.

When the cutlery stops helping, we continue the process with clean hands on the countertop until the semi-finished flour product acquires a soft plastic non-sticky structure. After that, send it back to the bowl, cover with a kitchen towel and let stand at room temperature 20 minutes.

Step 2: forming quick cakes.

After the required time has passed, put the pan on medium heat and pour a little vegetable oil into it, let it warm up. If the dough has floated slightly, and this directly depends on the quality of the flour, quickly knead it slightly, knead a little again, roll up the sausage and divide the metal kitchen spatula into 3-4 equal parts. Then we form balls from them, squeeze a little with each palm, roll out a rolling pin into round layers with a thickness of not more than 1 centimeter and proceed to the next, almost final step.

Step 3: fry the quick tortillas.

While doing the test, the fat in the pan warmed up well. Very carefully we lower the first cake into it and immediately cover the dishes with a lid so that there are no gaps. We fry the flour product for about 1.5-2 minutes.

Then we look, if one side is browned, with the help of a kitchen spatula we shift the round round on the other side and pierce it in several places with the tip of the knife. We continue to prepare a fragrant miracle also to a golden-beige-brown crust, but this time without covering. During this process, you will see how the dough swells and turns right before your eyes into a magnificent air cake with a thickness of 2 to 2.5 centimeters. When it is well baked, move it to a large flat dish, add a little more oil to the pan and cook the rest in the same way.

Step 4: serve quick cakes.

Quick cakes after cooking cool slightly, then spread on a large flat dish and, if desired, soaked in butter. Before serving, each kruglyash is divided into 4-6 equal pieces and put on the table as an alternative to bread.

With such flour products it is pleasant to eat everything without exception, starting from the first and second courses, and ending with appetizers, salads, sauces and even jam, honey, condensed milk or cream. Cook with pleasure and enjoy homemade food!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- if desired, you can cook flat cakes with filling, for example, roll them out, fill them with spicy or sweet cottage cheese, stewed, boiled or baked meat, boiled eggs or something else tasty. Then collect the dough in a bag, knead it with your hands, form a cake, roll it out slightly and continue to cook as indicated in the recipe;

- very often various dried herbs, spices, high-melting hard cheese, fried onions, mushrooms or garlic squeezed through a press are put in such a dough;

- cakes will be more tender if you fry them in butter or margarine;

- any pan, for example, cast-iron or teflon, is suitable for the preparation of this dish;

- sometimes the dough is left in the refrigerator for 10-12 hours, after a long insistence during frying, products from such a semi-finished flour product are more magnificent.