Stuffed cabbage home

Ingredients for making homemade stuffed cabbage

  • Main Ingredients: Beef, Pork, Cabbage, Onions, Carrots, Rice
  • Serving 1 serving
  • World Cuisine


Vegetable oil (refined) - 2 tablespoons Tablespoon - 2-3 pieces, a teaspoon, a measuring cup (for water), kitchen scales, stewpan, stove, Kitchen knife - 2 pieces, cutting board - 2 pieces, grater, deep bowl , a frying pan, a wooden kitchen spatula, a table fork, a bowl - 2 pieces, a deep bowl - 2 pieces, a deep pan with a lid (capacity 5 liters), a plate.

Cooking stuffed cabbage home:

Step 1: .

To get started, take the right amount of rice and sort it out, while removing any kind of rubbish. Then pour the grains into a fine mesh sieve and rinse thoroughly. After that, we transfer them to a small saucepan or stewpan, fill with 150 milliliters of purified water, put on medium heat and, as soon as the liquid starts bubbling, reduce it to the smallest level.

Season the rice with one or two pinches of salt and cook until the moisture evaporates completely, stirring occasionally with a tablespoon so that it does not stick to the bottom of the dishes. Then we remove it from the stove and send it to cool near the ajar window. After that we put on a strong fire a deep pan, half full of ordinary running water, and gradually bring it to a boil.

Step 2:.

Meanwhile, using a sharp kitchen knife, remove the top, almost always damaged leaves from the head of cabbage and cut the stump out of it. Then peel the onions, carrots, rinse these vegetables with tomatoes under trickles of cold running water, dry them with paper kitchen towels, put them on a cutting board and continue preparation.

We cut each tomato into 2-4 parts and rub their pulp into a deep bowl or plate on a fine grater, so that there is a skin that we just throw away.

We chop the onion into cubes 5-6 millimeters in size, and chop the carrots on a coarse grater and lay out the slices in separate bowls.

Step 3:.

Then we put the pan on medium heat and pour a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil into it. When the fat warms up, dip half the chopped onion into it and fry it until light golden crust, stirring occasionally with a wooden kitchen spatula. About 4-5 minutes the vegetable is browned, transfer it to a clean deep dish and proceed to the next step.

Step 4:.

In a bowl with fried onions, add cooled, almost ready rice, Assorted minced meat, ground black pepper and an additional portion of salt. We mix these ingredients with a tablespoon to a uniform consistency - the filling for cabbage rolls is ready!

Step 5:.

Is the water in the pan boiling? Then take the cabbage! Very carefully lower the head into a hot liquid, it is desirable that it covers it completely, and blanch the vegetable. During this process, the extreme leaves will become soft and begin to peel off easily. It’s not worth digesting, we carefully take them out with a fork and transfer them to a clean deep bowl.

We remove the leaves only large size, which is easy to wrap the minced meat. Later, remove the remaining cabbage from boiling water and set aside. From it it will be possible to cook any other tasty dishes, for example, casserole, pies or whatever your heart desires.

Step 6:.

When the leaves have cooled, cut off the thickened lower part from each one or slightly break it with a kitchen hammer and lay on one of them a couple of tablespoons of rice-meat mixture.

We cover the minced meat on one side of the cabbage leaf, then bend its edges on the sides and fold the roll or fold the envelope.

In the same way we make the remaining cabbage rolls. After this process, a few blanched leaves will remain. We cover them with the bottom of a deep, preferably non-stick pan.

Then on top of them lay out the formed products.

Step 7:.

Now again put on a medium heat a clean frying pan with two tablespoons of vegetable oil. After some time, we send the remaining onion there and fry it until light golden crust, for about 4-5 minutes.
Then add carrots to it and cook them together until soft. After that, fill the vegetables with purified water and transfer the grated tomatoes there. Season with salt, black pepper, caraway seeds, bay leaf and stirring occasionally, bring the aromatic liquid to a boil.

Step 8:.

As soon as the gravy begins to gurgle, we move it into a pan with cabbage rolls, if the mixture did not completely cover them, add a little broth from blanched cabbage. We put still raw dish on medium heat and again bring to a boil. Then we fasten the burner to a minimum, cover the pan with a lid so that there are no cracks, and simmer the stuffed cabbage for 40-50 minutes, until cabbage, as well as minced meat is fully cooked.

Next, turn off the stove and let the dish brew in a covered form for another 6-7 minutes. Then we distribute the cabbage rolls in portions on plates, pour each gravy, season with sour cream, sprinkle with finely chopped dill or parsley and serve to the table.

Step 9:.

Homemade cabbage rolls - a delicious and very satisfying main second dish, which is served hot. Cabbage rolls are laid out in portions on plates at the rate of 2-3 pieces per one. Serving and additions depend only on the hostess’s desire, some love the clean taste of cabbage rolls and relish them simply with fresh bread, others season them with cream, sour cream, sour-milk yogurt, mayonnaise or fresh herbs. Regardless of the choice, this dish will win your heart and fill your stomach. Enjoy and be healthy!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- sometimes gravy is prepared with the addition of flour, so that it is thicker;

- very often, before stewing, the formed cabbage rolls are fried in a small amount of vegetable oil and only after that they are stewed in the prepared gravy;

- you can add any spices to the filling that are used during the preparation of meat dishes, for example, sumac, savory, oregano, paprika, oregano, rosemary, sage, all kinds of ground pepper or other spices;

- if desired, you can prepare a combination of gravy, for this you need to replace 200 milliliters of purified water with the same amount of sour cream of medium fat content. Important: this fermented milk product should be added along with the remaining water only after the onions, carrots and grated tomatoes are well stewed, that is, they will reach almost complete readiness;

- a good substitute for rice - millet or buckwheat, minced meat "Assorted" - pure pork, beef, turkey or chicken, and vegetable oil - lard;

- some housewives cook minced meat not only with stewed onions, but also carrots.