Diplomat cake

Beat the Hulala cream until it becomes very thick and put it in the cold.

Take a tall pan (about 5 kg), rinse it with cold water and cover it with a disposable bag.

Cut the fruit into slices to shape and give a beautiful look to the cake. I put the pineapple slices and made a circle, in the middle of the pineapple I put strawberries, then inside the circle I put kiwi and orange slices (as well as on the edge).

Everyone puts the fruit according to good taste and how they want the cake to look when we turn it over. The banana does not come to the surface because it changes color, so we put it inside the cake. The rest of the fruit is cut into cubes.

Rub the yolks with the sugar, then add the gelatin that I have previously mixed with the milk. The obtained composition is put in a bain-marie for about 8 minutes, stirring continuously with a wooden spoon until it becomes like a ciulama. It's getting cold.

Whisk the egg whites, then combine with whipped cream and the above cooled composition.

Put 1/3 of this combination over the fruit ornament made in the pan, then add a part of the diced fruit and half of the biscuits dipped in the compote juice. We put another 1/3 of the cream, the diced fruits and the rest of the biscuits, then the last part of the cream with the rest of the fruits.

Refrigerate with a tray on top and turn over when served (preferably the next day)

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