Cake with cheese, chocolate and strawberries

We grind the biscuits. We melt the butter, then we mix it with the biscuits. We put baking paper in a tray, then we press the biscuits well in the tray. Insert the tray cold.

Mix the egg whites with the sugar. Mix the cheese with the vanilla pudding powder, then add the yolks. Mix well. Add the egg whites, stirring lightly. Pour three quarters of the cheese composition into the tray over the biscuits, distributing it evenly.

Mix the remaining cheese composition with half an envelope of chocolate pudding. Put this composition in the pan and with a knife gently mix the two cheese compositions. Put the tray in the preheated oven, over medium heat until lightly browned on top and peel off the edges .I browned it a little more.

Let the cake cool. When it is cold, place the thawed strawberries (they can also be used fresh) and the chocolate icing over the cake.

I didn't have liquid cream or sour cream and I used chocolate, butter and milk for the icing. I melted the chocolate with butter on the fire and because it was very thick I thinned it with sweet milk.

For the chocolate icing you can use 200 g of chocolate with 100 ml of sour cream (liquid cream).

We cut the cake cold.

Buburuza Bubu

250 gr raspberries
3 tablespoons water
500 gr Quark
200 gr Philadelphia cheese
120 gr butter
5 eggs
200 gr sugar
2 packets of vanilla sugar
4 tablespoons food starch
Mix the flour with the baking powder, add the butter cut into small cubes, sugar, egg and cold water, knead well until all the ingredients are incorporated.
Form a ball of dough and put it between two food sheets, then spread the dough in a circle (about 35 cm)

Bake the form with a little butter and flour then put the dough, put it in the fridge for 30 minutes.

The raspberries are washed and passed in a blender with water then strained to remove the seeds.
In a bowl mix the butter with the sugar and vanilla sugar until creamy then add one egg at a time, after each egg mix well.
In another bowl put the Philadelphia cheese, quark cheese with 2 tablespoons of starch, mix and incorporate into the butter cream.
Separate a third of the amount and mix with the raspberry puree and 2 tablespoons of starch.
Using a spoon pour the cream on the counter, 4 tablespoons white cream 2 tablespoons raspberry cream.

Put the form in the oven heated to 180 C for 35 minutes then remove and cover the cake with aluminum foil, continue to bake for another 25 minutes.
After baking, leave to cool for about 30 minutes, then remove from the pan, leave to cool for 3 hours.
Serve with raspberry sauce.

Culinary rainbow

1. Preheat the oven to 180 * C. Grease a 23cm shape, put paper, grease it.
2. Rub the cream with the butter, sugar and powdered sugar, whiten and rise. Gradually add the eggs, beat after each one. Add the essence, mix to combine.
3. Sift the flour with cocoa and baking soda 3 times in a bowl. Add the flour over the butter mixture with the rest of the ingredients and beat together until well mixed.
4. Put the spoon in the form, bake for 40-45 minutes, test with a toothpick. Remove and cool the wire on the grill.
5. Icing: combine all the ingredients in a bowl put on the water bath (on low heat) mix until smooth. Pour over the cake, spread with a knife soaked in boiled water.

* reduce the sugar to 1/2 cup and replace with 1/4 cup blackberry jam and add with the essence.

Glaze with butter and muuuuulta chocolate

50 g dark chocolate, finely chopped
25 g unsalted butter
1/4 cup old powdered sugar
2 teaspoons sour cream

What we need: 150gr flour 100gr sugar 2 teaspoons baking powder & tailcoat12 teaspoon salt 120ml milk 50 ml oil 1 egg 300gr currants.

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Cheesecake, chocolate and strawberries - Recipes

by Sara

An easy-to-make, tender and good cake that grandparents and dwarfs can also serve.

  • 125 g sugar
  • 1 or if a yolk
  • 100 ml of sunflower oil
  • 200 ml of milk
  • 300 g wheat flour
  • a sachet of baking powder
  • brown or normal sugar for the surface of the cake
  • grapes

With the help of the robot we beat the egg, the yolk and the 125 g of sugar.

Add the oil, not all at once, but stirring, letting the oil flow easily from the glass. Heat the milk very little and add it just like the oil.

In a bowl, sift the flour, baking powder, mix them well and stirring constantly and add a tablespoon of flour over the composition of the robot. We will get a composition like pandispan.

Grease a medium-sized rectangular tray with butter, line it with flour and pour the composition into it.

We wash the grapes, we won't need too many beans, I had big berries and few came in. Whoever wants, can add grapes to the composition. Cut the beans in half, remove the seeds and place them on top of the cake, without pressing to get into the dough.

sprinkle sugar on top (be careful the sugar is more masked because the cake will be more beautiful, I admit that mine was brown but a bit floury) and put the tray in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 35 minutes, as written in the original recipe,

I did the toothpick test and for about 22 minutes I took the tray out of the oven.

here it is powdered and cut, so you can see how many holes it has and how tender it is. The cake must be cut when it is cold, otherwise we risk breaking it into pieces.

and a picture of the cake I look into my eyes and offer with love to the greedy who visit the blog. Along with the morning coffee, it goes incredibly well. and. Be careful, it's not too sweet.

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Kitchen Flavors

cocoa, cheese, oranges, it's all you need to be good!

Woww looks great !! Have a nice evening!

It turned out very nice. It invites you to serve yourself. Pup1

Thanks girls, Gabi. I am very glad that you like it and I am still waiting for you at my place :)

cut well considering the glaze. I want to do it for my son's birthday

I found the icing a little soft because I put a little more liquid cream than it was originally written in the recipe, that's why the cream cheese was a bit dirty when I cut it. I'm waiting for you to tell me how it turned out, if you try it.

What does it look like, I want to do it too, I'm thinking about what to replace the cottage cheese with?

Hi Mihaela, why do you want to replace the cheese, it is not found in the states? I think you could replace it with mascarpone, after all it's still cheese :))

Anita, thanks for the quick response :) There is no cow cheese here, and I think the girl is too salty. I was thinking of mixing philadelphia with ricotta, but mascarpone is also a good idea.

It looks good I'm doing it today.

Anita, you have some great recipes. I'm a "beginner" in the kitchen, but I want to tell you that I made this cake for Easter and everyone was delighted with it. I will definitely try your cakes too :)

Cake top

To make the countertop, this time I used my dense countertop recipe, which is made this way.

2oog butter is left at room temperature, then beat with 300g of sugar using the mixer on high speed, over the butter add 3 eggs and 200g of sour cream or yogurt, 1 teaspoon of baking soda mixed with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and beat for another 20-30 seconds with the mixer until smooth.

Over the mixture of butter and eggs add 300g of flour mixed with 2 tablespoons of cocoa, and after the dry ingredients are added to the mixer bowl and are mixed until the composition is homogeneous, add at the end 100g of chocolate grated or crushed in the food processor, then mix a little more.

Baking paper is placed in a round tray with a diameter between 21 and 24 cm, so that it covers the bottom and the walls, if you want you can line the tray with oil and flour, but with baking paper it is the simplest, I for example I put paper on the bottom of the tray and oil on the edges, because I used a tray with removable walls.

In the tray thus prepared, put the composition for the top, then bake at 180-200 degrees Celsius for 45-60 minutes, after the first 45 minutes test the top with the toothpick, and if it does not come out clean, bake for another 15 minutes.

The top is left to cool, after which it is cut into 2 or 3 slices as similar in thickness as possible, I cut it into 3.

Challenge 13: Unbaked cake with cheese, white chocolate and strawberries

Yes people, Rookie's challenges came back after a long period of rest, during which time, with my hand on my heart, I tell you that I did not starve (except for the last two weeks of eating goat's milk with lettuce tomatoes & extra onions and homemade bread, but that's just the beginning of early summer) and this can be seen in the blog posts. In the meantime, my girls baked another one for me & # 8230. Well, what if it's you to choose between the wonderful strawberry-free cake, olive oil, baskets with salad and spicy cheese paste with greens and jam muffins? The choice was simple, because, first of all, I love cake. And so, the rest doesn't even matter! I had made muffins, with chocolate, with even more chocolate or with figs and & # 8230 chocolate. Before you judge that I use too much chocolate, I contradict you with some pumpkin muffins and rye flour, in ya face! Finally, so I made muffins, and dough with jam or jam, like the vegan blackberry that I still love. The olive peel seems too strange for me to digest the idea, something that would go on the plate with potato pilaf. Yuck! The salad was interesting but, come on, nothing beats a potential seasonal fruit cake!

So look at us in front of a big bowl of half a pound of strawberries well cooked, which we wash, cut into slices and soak in the fridge with some 50 ml of shock flower syrup. I chose this method to add a new flavor to the cake and eliminate the use of excess sugar (if not, you can use a tablespoon or two of brown sugar for the caramel flavor). We melt in the bain marie about 300 grams of white chocolate and then leave it to cool.

Meanwhile, in another large bowl, stir a box of mascarpone (250 gr) with a box of fresh ricotta (250 gr). We beat well 200 grams of whipped cream and add it over the cheeses, along with the melted and cooled white chocolate. To make matters worse, we pour a healthy neck of Bailey & # 8217s, about 30 ml and homogenize.

In a form lined with food foil, we place a layer of amaretti biscuits (a package arrives) over which we come with a generous layer of cream. Gently pour the slices of well-drained strawberries over the cream and cover them with another layer of cream. On top we place the rest of the strawberry slices and a few crushed biscuits, for the crunch.

Well, I have no words to tell you how good it was. I better not praise it anymore but I encourage you to try it! Please do!

Anti-talent-in-the-kitchen and machine gun fans, did i do you justice? Let me hear you!